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Streamlined business operations are one thing, but to really drive revenue you also need to attract and retain clients. Today’s market is flooded with competition, and in an age of information overload it can be hard to get your message across. Gone are the days of networking and attending trade shows to land new accounts; today you need more. You need consistent, repeated interactions with prospective clients, you need a solid presence online, and you need to ensure your sales force is operating at full capacity; today’s buyers demand it.

Transitioning or perfecting your online marketing program can seem daunting; it’s hard to know where to start, and even harder to keep pace with the constant changes. The way you sell must also evolve in order to benefit from today’s buying culture of shorter sales cycles and more informed consumers. You know it’s time to evaluate and advance, you just don’t know where to begin.

Rand Group Can Help.

With our proprietary Salesworks™ Revenue Generation Methodology you benefit from industry experts who not only know your business, but who are highly adept at navigating the digital world. Our unique approach to helping you generate demand and convert leads into paying customers allows you to get started with your online marketing program, without struggle. We eliminate the frustrations in your business, so you can focus on the things you know.

Salesworks Methodology

Steps to Online Success.

Through years of experience in technology marketing and lead generation, Rand Group has developed our Salesworks™ Revenue Generation Methodology which is proven to work for you:

  1. Assessment & Benchmarking: To really understand what you need, we must first look at what you have. In this stage, Rand Group reviews your current marketing materials, core positioning and brand platform, along with your current lead generation activities. We will quantify your existing demand generation and conversion results, establish long and short term goals and work with you to deliver a real understanding of what we can improve. In the absence of a brand platform, we may also recommend additional marketing services, such as the development of a Market Positioning guide.
  2. Infrastructure Development: With a clear picture of your current state, we start piecing together a targeted and unique approach to lead generation for your business. Developing core infrastructure and building your lead generation engine is entirely dependent on your goals, internal competencies, and budget. In this stage, we carefully consider all the inputs and work with you to develop the infrastructure you need to build the business you want.
  3. Ongoing Activities & Support: Online marketing is dynamic, always changing, and never finished. That’s why Rand Group stays with you, to support your ongoing efforts from the day we engage in a project until the day you’re ready to take it on yourself. We can develop programs on your behalf, give you the tools and guidance to manage your online activities yourself, or completely manage this for you on a monthly basis – it’s up to you.

You’ve Got the Leads, Now Make the Sale.

Rand Group knows that generating a lead is only part of the equation. Once we’ve helped you build and implement an effective revenue generation strategy, we can evaluate your current sales force and align the entire process from prospect marketing through sales, and onto customer support and retention.

Our full range of business management services are designed to help you get the most out of your business. Enjoy a single point of contact for all of your needs, from technical infrastructure and management solutions through to sales and marketing support. We lay the groundwork for an efficient working relationship, and build on that over time. You can rely on the continuity of our service because we take the time to build a valuable working relationship.

Talk to the Revenue Generation Methodology Expert:

George Brown

George Brown

Senior Vice President at Rand Group

A thought leader and pioneer in the areas of cloud computing, sales and marketing, George is a highly regarded subject matter expert and leader with over 30 years’ experience in strategically propelling businesses forward.

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