Are You Effectively Nurturing Your Leads?

Driving leads to your website is an ongoing activity that requires constant effort and refinement, and it’s not a free exercise. In fact, the cost-per-acquisition of a lead varies wildly for businesses, even within the same industry. So, how do you ensure you’re maximizing the results of every engagement while limiting the effort and costs associated with driving leads?

You start by ensuring that no lead is ever left un-nurtured.

“Nurturing” a lead means tracking every interaction a person has with your business, until they become a customer (and beyond), and planning an effective campaign with touch points based on the prospect’s activity. It means leveraging a marketing automation solution to help you manage lists and cadence, ensuring every prospect is put on the best track for their buying stage so you can gently guide them down your chosen path. And it requires the development of meaningful content that helps predispose that lead toward doing business with you.

Vice President Justine Warburton offers a deeper look into the process of engaging and re-engaging with your prospects to ensure none of the effort you put into driving leads goes to waste in this week’s Technology for Business Success segment.

Technology for Success – Are you effectively nurturing prospect relationships? – Texas Business Radio from RREA Media on Vimeo.

Nurturing prospects greatly impacts their proclivity to move through the buying phases and influences them to do business with your organization. Digital, a Rand Group Service can guide your nurture marketing strategy by defining touch points, compelling messaging, an effective content plan and recommend a marketing automation solution that best fits your needs. Get started today.