Is Your Business Being Found Online?

Today’s buyer demands a certain type of online presence. One that speaks directly to them, available where they want, when they want. And the first step to meeting these demands is simply being found.

The best website won’t deliver any results if it stays buried behind algorithms, never truly seen by your target market. So, ask yourself, is anyone seeing your website?

How Do You Know Where Google Ranks You?

Start with putting your browser into incognito mode, and do a few searches for key terms and phrases that describes your business (bonus points if you have an established Keyword Strategy from which to pull these phrases). Did your website show up? If so, where did you rank?

This is a basic strategy to help you set a benchmark. The process of improving your search rankings is complex, but before deciding how aggressively you want to move ahead, you must first know where you stand.

To hear more about this fundamental part of digital marketing success, tune into our regular segment on Texas Business Radio and hear from Vice President, Justine Warburton, in this 2-minute Technology for Business Success update:

Technology for Success – Are you being found? – Rand Group – Texas Business Radio from RREA Media on Vimeo.

Being found is an absolute necessity in today’s digital landscape, and controlling how you’re found and how you rank is a discipline in and of itself. Digital, a Rand Group Service, provides marketing consultancy and tangible tactics to help your website rise up from the ranks of algorithms and truly respond to today’s buyer mentality. Learn more about how we can help.