Endless Creativity Meets
Practical Solutions

No matter what you’re looking for, be it a sparkly new responsive website or a practical marketing automation solution, we implement the right tactics and technology to meet your sales goals and keep your funnel full.

Full Service Marketing Expertise

Dive into digital marketing with a team of strategists, designers, content specialists, analytics experts, and technical evangelists at your side. We look at the big picture, offering you all of the digital expertise you need in one place.


Sales strategy, inbound marketing, lead generation, SEO, PPC, and content strategy


Marketing automation, content management systems, eCommerce, CRM


Brand positioning, logo and brand identity, creative campaign concepts & execution


Website design and development, content creation, SEO and PPC campaign management

Meet Our Team

We’re More Than Meets the Eye

While headquartered in Houston, Texas, our clients and projects take us much further abroad. Through a combination of technology, robust project methodology and milestone meetings, we effectively deliver our services wherever our clients are.

90+ Employees

40 Developers
40 Accountants
10 Marketers

Multiple Locations

Houston, TX
Vancouver, BC


Microsoft ERP
Microsoft Cloud

One Stop Marketing Shop

When a tenured professional services company with extensive technical acumen marries a creative and dynamic sales and marketing agency with 30+ years in the business, the result is…well, a lot of results.

Rand Group Digital provides a single point of contact for all your digital needs. Everything from technical infrastructure and automation solutions through to sales and marketing support.

Our History

With over 30 years of experience under our belt, we are uniquely positioned to help you leverage technology for every aspect of your business. Take a look at how we have evolved over the years.


Salesworks was founded as a cutting edge sales and marketing consulting firm, focused on helping businesses maximize revenue.


Rand Group was founded as a business management consulting firm, leveraging technology platforms and accounting acumen to drive overall business success for its clients.


Rand Group realized the need to make impactful change to its sales and marketing practices, and acquired Salesworks, its previous consulting firm, to become the internal marketing powerhouse.


The new Rand Group Marketing Machine was in place and fully functioning, leading to an abundance of high quality leads for every department.


Rand Digital was born, designed to help Rand Group clients and prospects leverage the highly skilled digital marketing expertise that had grown over the previous 31 years.
Select the Best Digital Marketing Agency Whitepaper

Select the Right Digital Marketing Agency for your Business

This whitepaper will equip you with everything you need to narrow down your list of vendors and put you on a path to achieving your marketing and sales goals, kick-starting revenue generation, and getting ahead of your competitors.