Keep Your Pipeline Full.

Streamlining your operation and leveraging technology to drive success is one thing, but what about generating revenue?

Selling your products or services is cyclical. Sometimes they are in high demand and you’re forced to extend capabilities, while other times, business slows and you’re left with an abundance of resources just waiting for assignment; that’s a risky place to be.

When the work slows down, it’s already too late to start actively looking for business. Marketing isn’t something you simply turn on when you need it; it just doesn’t work that way. You need a plan, you need consistent execution, and you need brand awareness among your peers and target audiences. Falling into a rhythm with marketing is one of the most important parts of running a business, yet many fail to recognize this until they’re left scrambling. And the best decisions are never made during a time of pressure.

We Take the Pressure Off.

At Rand Group, we have a team of adept and dedicated marketing professionals who can not only help build your marketing strategy, but can also execute it. We start at the beginning with an UpFront assessment of your current marketing situation to help you identify how to better leverage what you have with what’s available. We stay current on best practices, and combine industry expertise with cutting-edge marketing techniques to deliver a frustration-free solution to your pipeline needs.

Our proprietary Salesworks™ Revenue Generation Methodology has been specifically developed to address the world of digital marketing, but we don’t stop there. We offer full service B2B marketing solutions for our clients, because we’re focused on your success.

Rand Group can help you with:

  • Marketing Strategy: Doing anything well requires careful planning and execution. We can help you determine your goals, set benchmarks and devise a budget conscious strategy for maximizing your business. Whether you’re focused on long term growth, client retention or both, we can help you strategize for your success.
  • Branding & Identity: Consistency is key in marketing, and if you don’t know your story, you can’t communicate it to your audience. We can help you solidify your brand and develop your identity so you become known for all the great things you do. From interviewing customers and stakeholders in your business, to performing outside market research, we help you craft key messages, so your brand remains consistent across every platform.
  • Online Marketing: Buying behavior has changed dramatically since 2001, so it’s no surprise that a majority of today’s marketing is being conducted online – it’s just the way the world works now. However, getting started or perfecting your online marketing strategy can be both complex and costly. You don’t have the resources to experiment, or the expertise required to analyze marketing results in-depth and make constant adjustments; but we do. Let our highly qualified team set you ahead of your competition.

From customer retention to new client acquisition, Rand Group can provide you with the B2B marketing services you need to drive the business you want.

Talk to the Marketing Services Expert:

George Brown

George Brown

Senior Vice President at Rand Group

A thought leader and pioneer in the areas of cloud computing, sales and marketing, George is a highly regarded subject matter expert and leader with over 30 years’ experience in strategically propelling businesses forward.

Send George a Message or call (866) 714-8422

Rand Group's proprietary ™ Revenue Generation Methodology addresses your digital marketing challenges with complete B2B services including:

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