Screencast: Azure Backup & Site Recovery

Azure Backup & Azure Site Recovery Webinar

Microsoft offers a valuable toolset to protect your business from disaster. Check out this 12 minute webinar recording, providing a complete overview of enterprise-grade data protection from Microsoft Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery from one of our IT experts at Rand Group, Shawn Sailer. Learn what these services are,
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Making Sense of Alphabet Soup in the Cloud

IaaS? PaaS? SaaS? There’s a good chance you’ve seen one or more of these terms floating around. We know, the Cloud sounded so simple at first. If you know what the acronyms stand for then you’re already one step ahead of the game. But what’s most important is understanding the
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The Power of Office 365 and Azure Cloud

The future of business productivity software is in the cloud. The future is now. Learn about the possibilities and opportunities within Microsoft Azure Cloud and Office 365 portals in this collaborative demo.