How To Create a Nonprofit Fundraising Machine

Are you relying on the same tactics over and over, burning out your member-base with incessant emails and direct response asks?

Are you positioning your organization for organic, repeatable and scalable member-base and revenue growth?

Online donations grew by 19% last year and for every 1,000 website visitors nonprofits raised $612 according to a recent study by M+R. As a result, 65% of nonprofits are making a greater online marketing effort than they were a year ago.

Colin Greig, Marketing Director at Rand Group, recently did a presentation on how nonprofits can position themselves for success by adopting modern marketing techniques.

In this presentation you will learn,

  • How to cut through the 2,000 marketing messages that your audience receives daily in order to land your message
  • Precisely how to craft your touches to solicit the highest possible responsive from your audience
  • How you can leverage the resources that your organization already has to do more, with less
  • How to implement an online fundraising culture from the top down

Step through this static presentation at your own pace and learn how to turn your nonprofit into an online fundraising machine.

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.

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