LS Retail: A Marketing Case Study


72-Hour Return On One Simple Strategy

One of the largest software resellers in the world had to ask Rand Group’s marketing team to turn off the tap when their sales people couldn’t keep up.

“We’re getting too many leads,” their CEO told Rand Group within the first 72-hours of a customized campaign. “Slow it down! Make it less attractive for people to submit!”

Customized Campaign Triggers Flood

And the leads were big ones. This global client, LS Retail, was already providing software to some of the most recognized retail businesses in the world – companies like IKEA, adidas, Louis Vuitton and Nike by Air. And the new leads arriving were in the same class.

Slowing things down was the best problem this company could imagine. Rand Group had pinpointed the hunger that its client could feed.

The Right Tool Gets the Job Done

When LS Retail hired Rand Group, the marketing team examined LS Retail’s website and established that a few carefully placed whitepapers with the right CTA (call to action), would quickly break the lead logjam.

Why Whitepapers?

Whitepapers continue to have value in the B2B world because they offer depth and bring an educated and well-researched perspective to an audience.

They’re also a perfect way to locate leads – a simple click from a visitor is all it takes.
Rand Group provided LS Retail with targeted content that addressed common concerns faced in its two key markets: retail and hospitality, and then packaged the product with a carefully crafted CTA.

Six Key CTA Components

  1. Title – written to hit the bull’s eye when it comes to addressing the client’s pain.
  2. Product – The icon of the whitepaper acts as a quick visual to let the site visitor know there is a tangible product to be had. They are going to receive something if they click. This is Sales Psychology 101 – Give first, and you gain confidence with clients inclined to make a purchase.
  3. Body of Offer – This section contains three short sentences, each one making the argument that a simple click will solve the problem, with each sentence escalating that pitch.
  4. Button – Many people don’t even bother reading, they simply click. That’s ultimately the point. Rand Group made that choice an easy one by making the button stand out visually. In addition, people are far more likely to click with a simple declarative step, rather than something that sounds like it came from the marketing department. “Download Today” overcomes all language barriers in today’s tech world.
  5. Color – It’s always a good idea to test two colors, and see which one works best with visitors.
  6. After the Click – Rand Group also provided a form that users had to fill out in order to receive the whitepaper. This is why making that first pitch is so important. The reason for the form is to collect the leads. Without the leads, sales departments have nothing to go on.

Rand Group Built an Offer Prospects Couldn’t Refuse

Even highly successful campaigns like this one, need management. It’s important to test what works, and how the rest of the team is able to manage the results. So when the CEO asked for leads to slow down, Rand Group followed up by inserting a few dams to stem the flow.

Rand Group adjusted the whitepaper request form so that it forced prospects to provide both a phone number and number of employees. The form also added a freebie – an email domain prevention – plus a qualifying question: “Do you plan to purchase business software within 6 months?”

Even with those changes, leads pushed their way through. Over a period of four days, the campaign identified yet another 14 qualified leads with one prospect boasting 8,000 employees.

The Conclusion

No company experiences success without rock-solid business strategy. That means every aspect of the company – particularly new promotions – undergoes heavy scrutiny.

Yet when LS Retail decided to try a new strategy to attract clients in the North American market, the results were less than stellar.

One of the biggest challenges when working in a new market is trying to establish how the local culture operates. Flipping through websites, it’s easy to see that even though English is clearly the language of the internet, there are cultural differences in the ways in which B2Bs choose to engage with their potential clients.

Rand Group’s team provided quick and effective solutions in part because it knows the North American marketplace. The team also has a deep depth of knowledge when it comes to the integration of CTAs and SEO, and PPC.

The success LS Retail experienced was a bit like the industries they work for – today’s world of retail and hospitality thrives on both the art and science of business. Marketing for today’s world requires the same.

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.