Analytical and motivated, Alejandro Alvarez is the Director of NetSuite at Rand Group. With over 15 years of management and operational experience, Alejandro is an influential leader and natural problem solver. Throughout his career, Alejandro has led over 30 NetSuite projects, developing a deep understanding of the product and an ability to design solutions and customizations that meet complex client needs. These projects involved new process definitions, migration of data, customizations and workflow creation, troubleshooting, training, and documentation. He has also spent the last 5 years working hands-on with cloud computing applications.

At Hein & Associates, Alejandro started the Houston NetSuite practice where he singlehandedly sold, implemented and supported 3 client projects in his first year. He continued to build onto that practice as the main solution architect on a multi-functional team. One of this most notable projects at the company was leading the development of a billing system for a $30M services company, integrating their legacy technology with NetSuite in order to increase billing accuracy, reduce processing times and errors and increase client satisfaction.

Originally from Panama, Alejandro moved to Texas in 2012 and became a NetSuite consultant. Before becoming an ERP specialist, Alejandro has a long history of successful business development and management. As the founding employee of Equipa Panama (later Tecun Panama), a heavy equipment dealer and distributor, he led the growth of the company from 1 to 65 employees and over 900% revenue growth from 2008 to the end of 2011.

When not exercising his mind, he spends quality time with family and trains for triathlons. Adding to his highly ambitious nature, he plans to complete 50 triathlons by the time he turns 50.

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