What is Business Advantage Support from Rand Group?

Not all support is created equal. While most providers focus solely on managing the single point of failure in your business application, we take a more holistic approach; treating the symptoms of a larger problem may work short term, but it won’t solve the underlying cause. What’s more, we don’t just provide support for your business applications, but for your accounting processes and financial needs as well.

We possess the business, technical and accounting expertise to fully support you, beyond your software needs.

Technical and Applications Support

Comprehensive support for your business software

Accounting & Financial Support

Accountants with degrees who know your software and help with:

  • Audit support through PBC assistance
  • Sub-ledger account schedule creation and support
  • Accounting and reconciliation support
  • Business analysis support through report creation
  • Business process automation support
  • Training materials preparation
  • System documentation development for SOX

Business Advantage Support from Rand Group offers business surety in the form of a guaranteed annual investment, service level based on agreed response times, CPE credit availability and standard operating hours from 7:00am–7:00pm CST, Monday to Friday, with rapid response time to ensure your operational success.

You also gain access to an expert business community full of technical resources such as webinars, training sessions, lunch & learns, events, and an on-line portal.