Culture & Philosophy 

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts.

At Rand Group we define culture as the way individuals work together everyday. We don’t subscribe to hollow management statements attempting to create a holistic environment. Our cultural values set the standards and expectations of how everyone works together – staff to staff, staff to management, and management to staff.

The cultural values we are committed to are simple:

  • With responsibility comes accountability.
  • Dedication and loyalty are business values.
  • Fairness and integrity transcend all actions.

These values shape the norms of the company and define our culture.

We are Growing & Sticking Around.

Our culture not only makes Rand Group a place where we are proud to work, but also is a contributing reason why we have witnessed a 700% growth in staff since inception and have an average tenure that exceeds 5 years.

Each and every member of our firm provides a foundational element that builds and strengthens our culture. That in turn drives our philosophy to minimize the use of contractors and focus on attracting, developing and retaining individuals who share our firm philosophy and hold long term career goals that are achievable at Rand Group. We are interested in those seeking a career, not a job – those individuals who are truly passionate about what they do for clients and the firm. We also believe that the most effective resources are those that get to sleep in their own bed often and frequently. As such, our approach is to minimize travel and we do not have a “road warrior” culture or philosophy. Instead, we focus on building client relationships in and around the major Houston and Dallas metropolitan areas.

We are Dedicated to the Community.

Our culture and values breed dedication to excellence and to enhancing our community. One commitment we are particularly passionate about is performing arts. That’s why we actively underwrite the Museum of Fine Arts, The Houston Symphony, The Houston Zoo, the Alley Theatre, National Public Radio, and PBS. It’s not just good for the community, it’s good for our team. Rand Group consultants have the opportunity to attend the family concert series at the Houston Symphony, a private reception with the conductor, private curator-led tours at the Museum of Fine Arts, and behind the scenes tours at the Zoo. We’ve even held company retreats at the Museum of Fine Arts that were attended by every member of Rand Group. Talk about a commitment to culture!

If our values are your values, we look forward to talking with you soon.

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