Growth & Opportunity  

You Are Critical to Our Success.

Rand Group has a deep commitment to individual growth and strongly believes that your individual skills and knowledge are critical to our success. If you quit learning, you stop growing – and so do we.

We have grown every year since our inception – 10 straight years of profitable growth. This organizational growth is largely made possible by the continued learning and improvement of each individual within the firm.

We Invest in Your Future.

To sustain our growth commitments we invest heavily in numerous individual developmental activities, including:

  • A training block of up to 120 hours per year to learn new skills and keep existing skills sharp.
  • A curriculum that includes various subject matter, project management and account management training as well as application and technology training.
  • Select advanced degree reimbursement.
  • An extensive library of over a thousand titles for self-study and topical learning.
  • Company-wide conference focused on developing consulting and project execution skills.

Advancement Is a Reality Not a Pipe Dream.

The investments we make in development also create significant opportunities for each individual. Our history of growth is matched only by the history of our employees’ individual advancement and promotion.

Our organization does not believe that individual career advancement is somehow constrained by a fixed amount of capacity. Those who succeed here approach the world as if it has endless opportunity and desire to develop themselves to their fullest potential.  For those with that attitude, desire, and intellect to maximize their abilities, a bright future awaits at Rand Group.

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.