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Did you know that the average office worker loses 30% of their time looking for information on a daily basis?

Information powers your business, until it holds you back. Disparate file storage including file shares, desktops and inboxes means no one in your organization can effectively find what they need when they need it. The result is lost productivity, rework, and poor decision making.

Rand Group knows how to help you find your way. Always locate the information you need quickly and directly, and make faster, more informed decisions with SharePoint guiding you.

Join us for Phase 1: Getting Your Information Organized and Under Control.

During this informative session over lunch, Director, Justin Singer will show you how SharePoint can create a direct path from your people to the requisite information, essentially eliminating wrong turns and dead-ends.


  • How your business could look with SharePoint based file storage, search and more
  • Potential ROI
  • Best practices
  • How SharePoint Works
  • Information Architecture and Taxonomy
  • Requirements
  • And More…

Additional SharePoint information sessions will be held at a later date, including:

Phase 2: Knowledge Management
Phase 3: Gaining Business Insight with SharePoint
Phase 4: Process Automation and Risk Management

Reserve your seat for Phase 1 today!

We look forward to guiding you to a more profitable business.

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