Accurate & Accessible Project Data.

In order to remain competitive in the construction industry, you need a clear view across projects, from accounting through operations. Without the right construction project management software, you may not be able to access accurate project data when it is most needed.

In order to quickly assess the feasibility of new projects and meet tight deadlines on your current projects, sharing project details among your teams is crucial. You don’t have the time to shuffle data between, or re-enter information into, incompatible applications.

Make Solid, Informed Decisions.

Construction Project Management Software by Rand Group provides you with a central solution that delivers your project managers with the up-to-the-minute details and costs they need in order to make solid, informed decisions. At a glance, know where each and every one of your projects stands. Workflow redundancies become a thing of the past with updates appearing in all related programs.

Keep track of every element of your projects, including:

  • Requests for Information
  • Change Orders
  • Subcontracts
  • Purchase Orders
  • Plans and Drawings

With easy access to project details, approval processes become easier and communication amongst teams smoother.

Keep Your Projects On Track.

Using construction project management software by Rand Group, you will optimize:

  • Project Scheduling: Ensure you have the right labor and materials when you need them with streamlined procurement and labor capture workflows tightly integrated to Microsoft Project Server 2010.
  • Project Control: Input, monitor and share project details via the Enterprise Portal allowing timely decisions on critical aspects of each project.
  • Project Accounting: Save time and eliminate errors with integrated modules that don’t require data to be keyed from one function to another including tight integrations with Microsoft Office products such as Excel and Word.

With Rand Group you’re getting a diverse team with the experience necessary to tackle any problem your construction business faces. From accounting through to operations, our Construction and Real Estate experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure you’re receiving the right project management software for your project needs, without frustration.