Stop Losing Accounts to Production Delays

Getting products to market faster than your competition gives you a competitive advantage. But without appropriate tracking, you run the serious risk of failing to manufacture your goods on time, which inevitably leads to lost accounts and lost revenue.
Don’t let this all too common scenario occur. Let Rand Group guide you with an expert ERP implementation built for discrete manufacturers, so that you can track raw material lead times effectively and always keep your accounts happy.

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Don’t Fall Victim to Cost Pressures

As companies compete in a global market they are under constant pressure to reduce end-item manufacturing costs as well as plant operating costs. This requires streamlining processes and increasing production efficiency.
To do so, you need a technology solution that is able to improve your results by increasing your efficiency.

Avoid Inventory Fog. Increase Visibility

Inventory costs are on the rise and the importance of a healthy cash flow remains as critical as ever for discrete manufacturers. Without visibility into inventory across distributed organizations, there are increased challenges with managing inventory and ensuring accurate ordering.
With Microsoft Dynamics AX from Rand Group you gain complete visibility into your operations at any time, from any location, enabling expansion of product control and cost management.
Rand Group offers customizable Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions for:

  • Discrete Manufacturers
  • Job Shop Manufacturers; and
  • Engineer-to-Order (ETO) Manufacturers

With a manufacturing accounting software solution from Rand Group you get:

  • Supply chain integration
  • Labor capture, approval, & integration for job management and payroll
  • Barcoding & RFID to improve material handling accuracy & efficiency
  • Customer integration via secure portal access for ordering & logistics inquiries
  • Outsourced sequence material tracking & management
  • Job costing, monitoring & reporting on job production orders
  • Business process automation
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Engineering Change Order (ECO), Engineering Change Request (ECR), and Engineering Change Notice (ECN) management.

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Rand Group’s manufacturing accounting software, integrated with Microsoft technology, supports phased deployment of the solutions you require to gain control of your manufacturing operation to improve productivity, trim costs, and increase customer service.

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