Outgrown Your Current Land Management Software?

Expanding businesses naturally outgrow old business solutions. Land management leasing processes that worked well in the past may now instead be exposing your business to risk.

Having a single person or group use spreadsheets and calendar reminders may have worked adequately for a couple dozen leases, but definitely not hundreds or thousands.

Risks associated with non-standardized or ad hoc approaches to land management include the glaring, like missed payments, to the less obvious, like employee inefficiency due to cumbersome manual processes.

Leases Don’t Have to be Complicated.

It’s for reasons like the above that Rand Group developed its own highly customizable and powerful land management software solution built around Microsoft SharePoint.

From acquiring leases to maintaining producing properties, Rand Group provides customized land management solutions to help your upstream oil & gas company manage thousands of land leases.

Looking to navigate vehicle contracts or equipment leasing challenges? Rand Group also provides equipment rental management software solutions to fit all your lease management needs.

“ This is the best ERP implementation I have ever been associated with. ”

Brian Recatto

For Lessees:

Let Rand Group show you how:

  • Workflows can automate processes like paying invoices and making reminders of upcoming expiring leases
  • Original agreements, amendments, and correspondence can be tracked and versioned with document management
  • Employee efficiency and accuracy can be raised with automatic alerts and error checking
  • Leasing decisions can be aided by visual dashboards powered with business intelligence (BI)

For Lessors:

Let Rand Group show you how:

  • Processes like the sending of invoices, renewals, and warnings can be automated with workflows
  • Tracking the condition of assets and comparing it to agreements can be accomplished with document management
  • Financial regulations and laws applicable to land leasing can be simplified
  • Dashboards and business intelligence can alert you critical land management information and to quickly make better decisions

Leverage Existing Systems for Efficiency.

We understand our customers’ desire for integrations throughout the software they use. Leverage your existing or planned Microsoft Dynamics implementations with further integration around Microsoft SharePoint.

Using best practices and customizing flexible software to your business means highly efficient solutions that are also affordable. Rand Group’s proprietary UpFront Methodology ensures that ROI is maximized for your land management investment.

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Let Us Show What Land Management Software Can Do.

Here are a few benefits you can expect with a land management solution in place:

  • Make Missed Payments History:

    How stressful was your last missed lease payment? Fees and interest probably piled up, maybe the lease was voided. Free your staff from the fear of making costly mistakes. Automated billing and payment processing intuitively tied into Microsoft Dynamics accounting products simplify once tedious and time-consuming tasks.

  • No More Scrambling to Find Paperwork:

    Has the paperwork associated with a lease ever ‘disappeared’ or been accidently misplaced? Consolidate essential information in Microsoft SharePoint to efficiently track details like amendments, prohibitions, and obligations. Centralized storage in SharePoint means less goose chases, saving wasted time aimlessly searching through spreadsheets and databases.

  • Reduced Administrative Errors:

    Automation and error checking reduces the likelihood of individuals making costly mistakes. Versioning means you see what changes were made, by whom and when, with the ability to revert back.

  • Improved Employee Efficiency:

    Use tickets and indicators to draw attention to leases that need it most. Workflows can be configured to time consuming tasks, like sending or payment of invoices.

  • Make Decisions with BI Backing You Up:

    To make good decisions you need as much pertinent information as possible. Business intelligence and dashboards can convey lease data in easy to understand visual formats. Make better and more accurate decisions faster.

  • New Reporting and Forecasting Capabilities:

    Have pre-made and customizable reporting at your fingertips. Include only the data you want at the click of a button. Accurate land management leasing information means no surprises at the end of the month, quarter or year.