Can Your OCTG Business Keep Up?

The OCTG market is booming. From the rush to conduct horizontal drilling in the Permian Basin to capitalizing on the renewal of vertical wells, the OCTG sector continues to take part in an industry-wide upsurge.

This is great for your business, but also presents challenges. With growing demands, you need to ensure you have the capacity to fulfill orders, streamline operations and maintain regulatory requirements. You need business software designed for the Oil Country Tubular Goods market.

Our Vice President Discusses OCTG Solutions, Including Dual Units of Measure

Your New Arsenal – Business Software Designed for OCTG.

Rand Group specializes in giving your business the software clout it needs to get the complex yet practical parts of your business done on time and on budget. Just as technology plays a critical role in improving drilling practices, so too can the right industry-targeted software make the difference between a company trying to keep pace, and one that’s ahead of the pack.

With myriad business-related tasks to deal with on a daily basis, your business needs to be firing on all cylinders. Consolidating data and information on such matters as supply chain management can make or break a deal. Businesses now need dedicated OCTG software that can eliminate filing cabinets and the risk of costly human error, by establishing efficient systems that will:

  • Effectively and accurately assess warehouse data
  • Streamline processes to maximize productivity
  • Provide audit and control functionality
  • Operate in dual units of measure, and
  • Be fully customizable

Advances in integration, analysis, and reporting technology have made handling this data much more manageable than in the not so distant past.

Don’t wait until the massive flow of paperwork spills out of filing cabinets and overtop of desks, threatening the most lucrative project your company’s ever seen. Streamline your operation with accounting software fit for the OCTG sector and rest easy knowing your data is accurate and available when you need it, and not a moment too late.

Battle the Competition with Technology.

Old school just doesn’t cut it any longer. It doesn’t cut it in the industry, and it doesn’t cut it in business practices.

Faced with intense competition and millions of dollars in investments, the battle lines are being drawn between those who are proactively preparing for the future in every part of their business, and those who are relying on old methods. This is a world where technological advances are paramount to success. Don’t get left behind.

You want every penny to count in your business. An OCTG software solution will efficiently drill down into the metrics of how your business functions, providing you with timely, practical information and tools so you can save money, save time, and operate better than ever before.

With OCTG software systems you get real business intelligence that you can use to make critical decisions today, next quarter, and next year. From your marketing costs to your customer services, the right software will shed light on the core of your business, giving you opportunities to make insightful decisions that have real impact.

Be Bold, and Upfront with Your Business.

At Rand Group, we leave nothing to chance. Our UpFront Methodology first examines and quantifies business impact and value before moving on to design and build, all the while factoring in your customized needs. Once implemented, your employees will receive training and support. With Rand Group, you’re never alone.