30 Best Microsoft Dynamics AX Blogs of 2016

Presenting – the best Microsoft Dynamics AX blogs of 2016! Big congratulations to all who made it and support this ERP product and the wonderful community. Microsoft Dynamics AX has come a long way and only continues to see growth. From the beginning with Axapta, to the latest and greatest cloud-based version Microsoft Dynamics AX 2016, it isn’t stopping there. AX has been selected as the ERP platform for the Enterprise Edition of the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics 365.

These are the top Dynamics AX websites out there. From product news to technical tutorials. In no particular order, because it was difficult to pick a favorite from all of the great blogs (and we’re too humble to include ourselves). And as usual, if you think we have missed a blog or would simply like to nominate one please let us know!

Top 30 Dynamics AX Websites

Last updated September 21st, 2016

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Kevin Endres

Insight written by Kevin Endres

Vice President, Dynamics AX at Rand Group

Driven and analytical, Kevin Endres is a motivating Vice President with a keen desire to build exceptional teams. With over 23 years of ERP implementation experience, with a focus on Dynamics AX, Kevin has helped companies resolve mission critical issues, redesign business processes in accordance with best practices, and ensure implemented systems provide a positive ROI.

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