5 Easy Ways to Knockout the Competition Online

5 Easy Ways to Knockout the Competition Online

Generating web traffic and qualified leads can sometimes feel like you’re in a boxing match. All of your competitors are fighters in the ring, otherwise known as the Internet. And you are all doing what you can to win that shiny prize. In boxing, you’re fighting for that massive shiny gold belt (and probably cash). In marketing, your fighting for a shiny net new lead (also, more cash).

Whether it’s a flashy belt or a new lead – we’re all fighting for results.

In the B2B world, we fight for web traffic and leads because at the end of the match, we want to close those deals. And everyone in your industry is all competing on the same turf, grouped in the same fight with one differentiating factor – websites.

When boxers fight they are divided by weight classes, a standardized weight range. Heavyweights are the biggest and strongest, best-in-class some would say. When businesses compete online, they are ranked based on website performance. These “heavyweights” rank at the top of search engines, generate a healthy stream of qualified leads, have a consistent conversion rate, and are always delivering fresh content for the customers and prospects.

Become a Heavyweight

Heavyweight boxers have taken the time to train and perfect their skills, fighting a lot of fights to get to the top. These heavyweight websites have done the same – investing the time, processes, and effort into optimizing their websites and turning them into successful lead engines.

If you are reading this insight, chances are you are looking for ways to beef up your lead generation technique. Which is great, because that means you aren’t running a typical “brochure-based” website. You want to compete with the Heavyweights, who in this competition are “revenue generation sites” – websites that are user friendly and have the technical structure to generate and deliver high quality leads.

The answer is to go back to basic training. Take a look at your current website performance and use it as a benchmark. Ask yourself a few simple questions like these:

  • Where do you rank in search engine traffic?
  • How many visitors do you see every month?
  • How long are they staying on your site?
  • Where are they coming from?
  • How and where are you tracking everything on your site?

When you evaluate a few key parts of your website, it is clear where the improvements need to be made. Take links for example. What role do links play on your website? If you have them, you need to figure out if they are improving or damaging your rank in Google searches. Download this whitepaper, “5 Mistakes Your Website is Making Right Now” to learn more about how to manage your links and get 4 other easy ways to start making those improvements now.

5 Mistakes Your Website is Making Right Now

PWC’s most recent CEO report revealed that 79% of U.S. CEOs surveyed said digital technology was “strategically important” for customer engagement. And HubSpot reports that the biggest challenge …

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Win the Fight and Generate More Qualified Leads

Don’t throw in the towel. Contact Rand Group for more information on improving your website performance and win the fight for those high quality leads.

Get more out of your marketing and get a full evaluation of your website with a Rand Group Marketing Audit. We work with you to offer real, actionable recommendations and plans to help you leverage your existing marketing base and get leads in the door.

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