The 5 Experts You Need on Your Marketing Team

The 5 Experts You Need on Your Marketing Team

The key to building a successful marketing team is to understand the big picture. Marketing departments are responsible for everything from branding and communications to website development and lead generation. But since most marketing teams are considered overhead or support, you need to be strategic with what roles you hire to maximize your investment.

At it’s most basic level, your marketing team structure should be comprised of experts in all stages of the marketing funnel. The funnel is a series of stages a visitor takes before they make a purchase. It starts off with a lot of people who take the first step and thins out as they continue down the buying cycle.


Marketing Funnel


In the diagram above, you will see that the top of the funnel focuses on brand awareness. In marketing, this is called Lead Generation, where marketers use a variety of tactics to attract visitors to your website like content marketing, SEO, events, PR, advertising, etc. Not everyone that sees your product or learns about your service will buy from you, so it’s up to your marketing team to move the interested buyers down the funnel through Lead Nurturing. This is a more strategic stage where a marketer needs to understand these buyers and how to communicate with them. The bottom of the funnel, which is really the conversion step, is where the buyer has decided to take action and the Marketing team hands them off to Sales.

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Every step requires strategy, analytics, content, and design – and you want to invest in marketers that specialize in all of those areas. If you want to build a marketing engine for your company, here are the 5 experts you need on your team:

  1. SEO/Analytics Expert

    Marketing revolves around analytics and improving performance so you need a savvy digital strategist who can understand the latest technologies and interpret the data collected. Search data, prospect data, website analytics, ad performance, webinar results, customer stats – all of this valuable information should be used to influence your marketing strategy and tactics as you move forward. From keyword research to lead scoring, you need this person to help guide you on the right path.

  2. Content Writer

    You can’t run a business without content. You need targeted messaging for literally everything: website, blog, brochures, company descriptions, social media, press releases, advertising, etc. This expert not only has experience writing all types of engaging content, they have a strong understanding of buyer personas and conversion optimization.

  3. Designer

    Having a talented designer on staff who is intimately familiar with your brand identity, your company values, and the industry itself creates a consistency in your company. A lot of businesses outsource this or try to do it themselves but without these skills on staff, your website will end up looking like a Frankenstein creation.

  4. Developer

    Let’s face it, with all of the technologies we use in marketing, things don’t always run smoothly. You need someone to facilitate projects that involve both marketing and IT-related tasks. A developer with marketing experience is someone with the talent to write programming code, fix technical problems on the server and manage and maintain your website.

  5. Marketing Manager

    Every team needs a leader and this person is an expert in project management and communication. This integral role is someone who can drive the marketing strategy, bringing together the talents of digital, content, and design and creating a balance between creativity and analytics. This person has a deep understanding of marketing and the company’s vision, who can make key strategic decisions and transform your team into the marketing engine you are looking for.

The decision to expand your marketing team and build this well-rounded team is all dependent on what you want to achieve. The first step is look at your current team, understand your goals, and identify the gaps. Once you have a better understanding of where you want your marketing to be, the next step is to evaluate the situation from a financial perspective. Do you invest in hiring and building a team of experts? Or do you outsource a full team of experts and use them for specific initiatives?

There is a significant difference in investing in a full-time team of experts compared to outsourcing to a company with these experts. When making this decision, you need to factor in:

  • Budget – do you have enough budget to hire a full in-house team of senior experts or only certain roles?
  • Capacity – are there times in the year where you are understaffed to meet your needs?
  • Experience – do you have the expertise to hire and manage experts in fields you aren’t as knowledgeable in?

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At Rand Group, we have a full in-house marketing team with all of these rockstars on staff. Many of the clients we work with have excellent marketing teams but either lack expertise in some areas of marketing or need an extra hand, or 20, at peak times throughout the year.

Let’s talk about how to align marketing resources to hit your marketing goals.

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