5 NetSuite CRM Features You Can Benefit From Today

A CRM solution is designed to centralize all data pertaining to current and prospective customers in one place. The biggest advantage of a CRM solution is that it accompanies your sales team throughout the sales process – from acquiring a lead, organizing interactions, to converting it into a customer and closing opportunities. NetSuite CRM is the only cloud-based solution that gives you access to all of your customer’s data in one unified and accessible place. It delivers powerful customer relationship management capabilities, including Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Support and Service, eCommerce, and flexible customizations. In this blog post, we will discuss five compelling features found in NetSuite CRM that sets it apart from other CRM solutions.

1. Marketing Automation

NetSuite CRM automates your entire marketing process across channels, allowing you to better align campaigns and programs with your sales efforts. It enables execution, tracking, and analysis of campaigns to help identify your target audience, design the right content, and automatically trigger actions based on schedules and customer behavior. It automates lead capture from multiple sources, including websites, search engines, emails, direct mail, and events. It also includes intelligent upsell management in the order capture process to provide recommendations based on previous buying patterns.

2. Sales Force Automation

NetSuite’s Sales Force Automation allows for the creation of dynamic sales rules and territories so that new leads are automatically routed to the appropriate salesperson. Sales roles and teams can be created in the system, providing greater visibility to resources who need to work together during the sales cycle. Powerful pipeline and prospect analysis reporting gives sales managers accurate measurement of success and insights into areas needing improvement. It enables the sales team to manage opportunities, potential revenue, key contacts, and provides the ability to convert opportunities to quotes and then to sales orders with one click.

3. Reliable Sales Forecasting with Transaction-based Statuses

NetSuite’s transaction-driven lead statuses and close probabilities make sales forecasting predictable and reliable. In NetSuite, leads are automatically converted into prospects and customers as your sales team engages with them. As Opportunity and Sales Estimate transactions are created, leads are automatically moved closer to a closed/won status, providing more accurate sales forecasting reports. Order management capabilities in NetSuite allows probability-based forecasting with projections of recurring revenue and variances.

4. Flexible Sales Commissions Management

Many companies find themselves tracking sales data within their CRM or ERP and then exporting that data in order to calculate commission payouts externally in spreadsheets or other external applications. NetSuite CRM allows easy configuration of sophisticated sales commission rules based on sales quotas, profit margins and other criteria with the flexibility of setting up different commission schedules. With this feature, companies can pursue leads all the way to close, have NetSuite calculate commission amounts, then enable accounting to payout the employee with NetSuite’s built-in payroll capabilities or with their existing payroll solution.

5. Integrated with NetSuite ERP

Perhaps the largest benefit of NetSuite’s CRM system and what differentiates it from the majority of CRM systems today is the fact that it comes packaged alongside the other powerful features that NetSuite provides. With a few exceptions, most CRM systems are standalone and the other ERP or accounting systems that offer CRM tools typically pale in comparison to NetSuite’s full product suite. With NetSuite, you can be sure that you have your full business needs covered, from the onset of the sales cycle to closing the books at year-end, all in one system.

Get on Top of Your Sales with NetSuite CRM and Rand Group

Choosing the right CRM solution can be a daunting task in a market with so many options. With NetSuite’s feature-rich solution in an integrated cloud ERP space, it outperforms its counterparts. Not only does it streamline the entire lead to cash process, but it also elevates productivity across the organization by providing a complete picture of your customers.

When it comes to implementing cloud solutions, Rand Group is an experienced partner that has extensive experience assisting businesses with improving their operations through technology. Contact us today to find out how you can unleash the benefits of NetSuite CRM and improve your sales efforts.

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