5 Product Updates You Need To Know About Jet Reports 20.5

Jet Reports is a financial and business reporting solution inside of Excel. It is built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics and includes an Excel add-in, Jet Hub, and Jet Service Tier. The Excel add-in feature integrates Excel with your Dynamics database, allowing you to create reports from within Excel without the need for exporting, copy and pasting, or programming. Jet Hub is an Information Management System that allows users to access their business reports through a simple web interface. Other Jet products designed for business intelligence include Jet Analytics and Jet Budgets. Jet’s reporting solutions can significantly reduce reporting time and costs, as well as enhance data insights with graphical dashboards and visualizations.

The latest major release is Jet Reports 20.5. This release features enhancements to Jet Reports for Dynamics 365 Business Central customers as well as new capabilities for Jet Budgets. This blog post will discuss five improvements made in the 20.5 Release of Jet Reports.

Product Enhancements Featured in Jet Reports 20.5

Enhanced query handling for Business Central

Microsoft has recently made a change to its API limits for Dynamics 365 Business Central. The limits were introduced to ensure that no single client consumes too many resources. For Jet Reports users, this could cause queries to time out or return error messages. In Jet Reports 20.5, there is a new query orchestrator that can identify longer queries that may time out and break them up into smaller queries to run individually. It can then combine the results into a single dataset, allowing users to refresh their reports without interruption.

Support for multi-tenant environments

Customers that deploy multi-tenant environments in Business Central and define their credentials centrally can now select which tenant to authenticate against when using Jet Reports. This enables customers to switch between tenants so they are not limited to the default tenant in which their central credentials were defined. Additionally, customers are no longer limited to their default environment and can switch between production environments.

An example of Jet 20.5 multi-tenant environments

Simplified budget security set-up in Jet Budgets

Rather than adding users one at a time, administrators can now add groups of users from Active Directory or Azure Active Directory. Within these groups, users are given a role of budget user, budget viewer, budget contributor or approver, or budget owner.

Streamlined navigation of budget lists

In Jet Reports 20.5, users can easily navigate and search through lists of budgets. This is helpful for companies that manage large numbers of budgets. Pagination capabilities enable users to select the number of results (budgets) shown per page and easily navigate between pages. The existing search box also works in sync with the pagination function.

Faster content rendering in budget overview page

Performance enhancements made in Jet Reports 20.5 have significantly sped up the rendering of content in the budget overview page. This facilitates greater ease of use and allows users to complete their tasks more quickly and effectively

The latest release of Jet Reports features enhancements for Business Central users as well as new capabilities for Jet Budgets. Jet’s reporting and analytics solutions are designed to improve businesses’ reporting processes using familiar tools that they already know and use. The data insights gained through analytics tools can facilitate better and more accurate decision-making. For more information about Jet Reports, contact our Analytics team today.

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