5 Tools to Help Automate the Link Building Process

B2B Link Building Tips

Nobody said link building was easy. And if you heard otherwise, you either have poor hearing or were lied to by someone who – from here on out – should be considered a sworn enemy.

But there’s good news. Although finding and evaluating potential link building partners isn’t easy, there are opportunities to automate components of the process. Sure, all link building campaigns require a human touch (it’s hard for a computer to send personalized outreach emails, unless you have C-3PO on staff), but other elements can be aided by a computer.

To help you, we have uncovered some link building tips and bring you 5 tools to automate the link building process so that you can focus what you do best: becoming a human link building machine.

Backlink Data Mining

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a user friendly tool that displays data on authority, links and anchor text. It also allows you to run comparison reports on page metrics, subdomains and root domains.  This is great for identifying link metrics and determining the quality and value of potential link partners.  Open Site also enables competitor comparison reports, so you can determine where a competitor is receiving its inbound links.  In most cases, there will be an opportunity for you to obtain links from these same sources.

Link building tip 1: Open Site Explorer








Browser Extensions

SEO Quake

SEO Quake is an analytic SEO-tool for Firefox and Google Chrome that helps obtain information within a variety of parameters for any site you visit, including page rank, Google index, Alexa ranking, and others. With one human-powered click you can assess the value of a backlink for each search result while never leaving the site. .  For advanced users, you can also create your own parameters.

Link building tip 2: SEO Quake








SEOMoz Toolbars

Another toolbar add-on, the “MozBar” provides access to many on-page SEO factors at a glance.  Available for Firefox and Chrome, it analyzes detailed metrics like page and domain authority, and inbound links and even enables customizable searching. It also highlights no-followed, followed, internal, external links, and keywords; and can compare link metrics for Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Link building tip 3: SEOmoz toolbar






Databases and Link Prospecting

BuzzStream for Link Building

BuzzStream’s link building tool focuses on link building functionality from prospecting to tracking, reporting, relationship building and management.

Key features include the following:

  • Link Prospecting
  • Link Reporting and Tracking
  • Contact Management
  • IMAP Email Integration
  • Buzzmarker – Link Bookmarking Tool

One of the best features of BuzzStream is its Buzzmarker – Link Bookmarking Tool, which automates the task of visiting each page in a website and compiling data.

Once installed, visit any website and click the Link Buzzmarker extension:

Link building tip 4: BuzzStream






You’ll see a window like this pop up:











Within this window is all your pre-compiled prospect information, including contact info, social networks and even metrics (i.e. page rank).

Within its web app, BuzzStream provides further value by enabling users to prioritize prospects, set task reminders (i.e. to send follow-up emails), identify the Relationship Stage (e.g. Not Started, Attempting to Reach, Link Accepted, Link Rejected, etc.), and even research prospects with up to 20 keywords and keyphrases.

It provides an easy-to-use interface for managing partnerships from its Link Partners tab:











Followerwonk is a Twitter research tool that allows you to search Twitter bios for specific keywords or URLs. Let’s say that we are building links for a CRM website. Go to Followerwonk and search for “CRM”. You will receive a long list of Twitter names that include “CRM” in their bios. Sort these by friend count, follower count, or relevance and gather as many link prospects as possible that fit your market.  You can also download your results in CSV/Excel format.

Link building tip 5: Followerwork







This is by no means an exhaustive list and merely scrapes the surface of the number of tools available to help you automate your link building activities. But hopefully it will give you an idea of where to start.

Note: Use of these tools requires an individual user assessment to determine their suitability. Salesworks does not recommend using these products without conducting your own due diligence.

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.

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