6 Ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service Can Grow Your Business

The growth of Internet of Things (IoT), which is the transmission of data through multiple, interconnected computing devices that we use every day, has given businesses access to an avalanche of new information. However, many aren’t equipped to manage this onslaught of information, and solutions are often targeted for a specific device. Getting all your devices on the same page to get an all-encompassing picture of your business can be daunting. But what if there was a tool that could sync all of your devices in real-time?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Field Service is more than just a scheduling add-on; it is designed to give you a dynamic display of the interactions between multiple devices in easy to understand dashboards. Whether you need to track assets in the field, in your own warehouse or a manufacturing location, the software excels at consolidating data, seamlessly integrating with other systems, and using this data to create actionable dashboards. Interested? Here are 6 ways field service can help you grow your business.

1. Gain Visibility

Remote monitoring isn’t a new concept, but with the increased quantity and mix of IoT devices, consolidation and reporting data for business intelligence is more complicated than ever. Microsoft Field Service provides a simplified solution using real-time, relevant data for various users with customizable reports.

2. Reduce Maintenance Costs

Preemptive maintenance always proves to be more cost-effective than fixing something once broken. What if you are wasting time scheduling maintenance that isn’t necessary? Microsoft Field Service, when connected to your devices, can ensure that technician’s schedules are optimized for the maintenance that is necessary, thus increasing utilization and reducing your customer-facing impact.

3. Minimize Downtime

Automated alerts and Microsoft workflows are key in performing predictive maintenance. Scheduling can be done based on customer availability, providing a higher level of service that they’ve grown to expect.

4. Ensure First-Time Fix

Ever worry that your technician won’t be able to solve the project alone? They can call the operations base, but the specialist can’t see what the technician sees. This wastes time and additional resources. With Field Service’s Remote Assistant, a Holo-Lens augmented reality tool helps specialists see the problem as if they were on site.

5. Enable Cross-Sell and Upsell

Not all technicians were born to sell; however, intelligent sales insights provide product offerings that are relevant to the customer. This enables technicians to sell with confidence to address opportunities that benefit the customer.

6. Transform Your Products and Services

Track repairs, performance, utilization, and cost data to enable companies to transform products and services for best customer results and profit margins.

When you’re ready, Rand Group is here to help. Our team of Dynamics 365 for Field Service experts will have you up and running in no time, so that you can start growing today.

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