An ERP System Could Help Your Business Reach Its Full Potential

The common misconception that small or medium businesses fall victim to is believing they don’t need a sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. While many believe that ERP systems only benefit larger businesses, small and medium-sized business can reap the same benefits. An ERP implementation within your organization could mean increased productivity and streamlined processes that would enhance your customers’ experience. It is the perfect step to setting yourself up for future growth.

An ERP implementation can seem daunting, but with the right partner and foundation, you will be up and running in no time. Rand Group offers a complete diagnostic evaluation to ensure that you’ll get started on the right foot. Below are just a few of the things that a diagnostic evaluation could accomplish:

  1. Personalized Insight

    To fully understand key elements within your organization, Rand Group takes a deep dive into your business processes and goals. This unique insight is imperative for a successful ERP implementation and makes sure that your software fits your business and not the other way around.

  2. Identify Business Requirements

    Through sessions with your stakeholders, Rand Group will uncover your business goals and requirements to drive your implementation project. Drafting these requirements is one of the most crucial aspects of starting an ERP implementation.

  3. Define Success

    After taking the time to get to know your current processes, Rand Group will be able to give you a realistic view of success after an ERP implementation. This will help you and your organization understand what to expect with a new system. It will also provide an excellent opportunity to talk through any anticipated risks with implementation and develop a mitigation plan.

  4. Provide Unbiased Software Selection

    Rand Group represents the three largest ERP software distributors. We can be agnostic with your software selection and find the best match for your business goals and processes. We have comprehensive expertise in the most widely-used software to complete a successful implementation, no matter what you choose.

Rand Group has the skilled business acumen to guide you through your software selection process. Whether you are starting from square one with your ERP system or are completing a long journey of research, Rand Group can partner with you to make your project a success.

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.

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