What's New with SaaS?

What’s New with SaaS?

It’s been said that by 2020, most aspects of our lives will be connected. We’re talking about the internet of things (IoT), of connecting coffee makers, lamps, ovens, refrigerators, wearable devices, you name it. Back in 2014, Forbes observed that “anything that can be connected, will be connected,” and that’s
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What is Azure Backup and Site Recovery

What is Azure Backup and Site Recovery?

In the hustle and bustle of today, businesses can’t afford downtime. Hardware failures, human error, natural disasters, viruses and malware, failed backups and software corruption are all a threat to you each and every day. Maintaining data integrity and ensuring its availability is critical to the continued health of your
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Hybrid Cloud

Capitalize on the Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

The transition to cloud computing can’t happen overnight. There’s a common misconception that “moving to the cloud” means you’re all in – one day you’re on-premise and the next day your entire infrastructure is in the cloud. The reality is that most businesses already have an existing infrastructure that they
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