B2B Blogging – The Unanswered Questions

blogging4After an enlightening client meeting this week, I realize there are a number of outlying questions about blogging – especially when blogging B2B.

How often should we post a blog? How many words are too many words for a blog? What topics should we blog about? What value does a blog bring to my website?

We at Rand Group are blogging enthusiasts! We HIGHLY recommend our clients add a blog post to their weekly to do list – just as we do. Now, just because it is on your list, doesn’t mean you, yourself, need to write it. On the contrary, having multiple authors with different topics and expertise can make your blog more interesting and attract a wider audience.

Blog Frequency

Blogging frequency is a very controversial topic. One school of thought is you can never have too much of a good thing…assuming your blog is a good thing. However, when it comes to business-to-business (B2B) blogging, remember your clients and prospective customers are trying to run a successful business, just like you.

Once a week is a good routine. A high-quality, valuable blog is much more revered than high-quantity, filler blog. On that note, let’s remember how much time we have to read our favorite blogs or articles in a week.

Blog Length

Blog length is a very sensitive topic, as you may have noticed some of our blog posts are quite varied in length. Like blog frequency, this is a time sensitive matter; you must be respectful of your readership. Understand that your blog length and blogging frequency will have a direct correlation on your subscription base. A good range to stick with for your blog length is between 250 and 500 words per weekly blog.

Blog Topics

Every client asks us for blog topics. Funny enough, when we start discussing potential topics many clients come up with more ideas than we could ever provide. Why? Because you intimately know your client base – what they want to know and information they would find useful. A great place to start is the products you sell, such as:

  • How-to utilize complex product features that every client should know about.
  • Add-on proprietary products that will optimize client’s initial investment.
  • Published product release roadmaps to keep clients current on next release cycles.
  • Client success stories from outstanding product implementations.
  • Promotions/sales around high-volume sales months.
  • Current hot topics about the industries you serve or products you sell.
  • New product offering or even future blog topics, soliciting input and feedback.

Why Blog?

Ultimately, your blog is a dedicated resource to growing traffic for your website. Your blog can establish your website as a valuable resource for information and earn you links from other credible sources to increase your organic search rankings.  Plus, blogging is vital to keeping your website relevant with fresh content for search engines to devour.  Additionally, using targeted keywords while blogging will add to your search engine optimization (SEO) factor to further strengthen your organic search ranking.

Finally, as a side note, try to end your blog posts with an open-ended question or a bit of controversy that invites feedback. For example, why hasn’t your company found value in  blogging?

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