Is Your Backup Strategy Stranded in 2008?

It is remarkable that we still hear about businesses failing or experiencing significant losses as a result of data loss when there exists affordable and reliable technology (cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions) designed specifically to help avoid it altogether.

What’s even more incredible are the number of businesses still using dated backup techniques and technologies which are unreliable, expensive, and resource intensive. In fact, you could be one of these businesses:

  • Are you still using tape backups?
  • Are you still moving a copy of your backups to a “safe” place offsite?
  • Are you still relying on a single person to make sure backups are happening?
  • When is the last time you tested your backups?

Neglecting your backup strategy and disaster recovery plan is a dangerous game. You must evaluate how much time and how many resources you’re willing to donate to recovering from a data loss, and what protecting your personal and business reputation is worth to you.

Over the years, we have learned the warning signs. You might be heading for disaster if your strategy includes any of the following statements:

  • We take care of backups on our own…
  • We have an IT person in-house that does it all…
  • We have never had to restore a backup…
  • We can afford to be down for a little while…

Think about that for a moment. Are you confident? Are you sure you can afford to be down for awhile? Have you performed an audit on your backups to ensure they will function when you need them? And yes, we said when because it’s not an “if” question. And if you’ve never had to restore from a backup before, then I would be preparing for it to happen at any time now.

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With an effective and vetted backup strategy, your business can change their tune and confidently say:

  • Our backups are solid and secure both onsite and offsite; plus we have scheduled routine restores
  • Our backup solution permits our IT staff to work on technology efforts that advance our business; it’s helped us expand our resources
  • We have the ability to restore an entire server, or a single file and restore it to any place we choose onsite or offsite in a co-location facility and in the cloud
  • We don’t worry about missing a beat, and management is secure knowing that in the event of a human error, a hardware failure or a nature disaster – our data is protected

You can empower your company with protection that includes:

  • Enterprise workloads including SharePoint, Exchange, SQL Server
  • Elimination of tapes with cloud backups to save money and reduce recovery times
  • An infinitely scalable backup solution that can accommodate any data size, volume or type
  • The ability to backup branch offices to the cloud to reduce management and hardware costs
  • Capacity to meet regulatory compliance requirements with long-term retention – 99 +years

Regardless of whether or not you take advantage of the cloud or continue to run a datacenter, all businesses:

  • Require the same level of protection
  • Cannot afford for virtual machines or physical machines to suffer downtime
  • Must meet industry-defined compliance regarding the retention of data for a specific time

Backing up your data is like having insurance on your property – it offers you the protection and safety you need to continue, regardless of a disaster.

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Would you like to learn more?

Rand Group can get you set you up for success with a backup solution, a disaster recovery solution, or a combination that meets your individual specific needs.

By answering a few simple questions, we can provide you with a basic overview of what you need and how you can get it. Get started by contacting us today, and answer these questions for more information:

  • Existing backup solution? Yes/no
  • Existing backup location: Onsite/Offsite/Both
  • Existing backup solution(s):
    • Number of Locations:
    • Number of servers:
    • Amount of Storage:

And you may not know the answer to these (but you should):

  • What is the RPO (Recovery Point Objective) for your company; how often do the backups need to take place? 15 min / hourly / daily / weekly
  • What is the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) for your company; how soon do restores need to take place before your business is impacted? Minutes / hours / days

Don’t leave your business to chance – no one is lucky forever. Start thinking about your backup and recovery solution, and get out of 2008!

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.

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