Are You Capitalizing on Your Marketing Efforts?

Are You Capitalizing on Your Marketing Efforts?

Marketing as a discipline is sometimes viewed in a silo. Disconnected from the sales effort, marketing’s job is often seen as simply the function of getting a business noticed. Often times, little consideration is given to what happens during the transformation of a prospect from awareness of your business to passionate customer. And that presents a huge opportunity.

To determine just how difficult lead handling can be for some organizations, Forbes commissioned a study to gain firsthand experience. The results were astonishing, in 35-65% of the cases, leads were never followed up with by sales, and of the ones that were, it took over 47 hours from inquiry to response.

That’s a lot of opportunities wasted.

How can you ensure you’re not squandering marketing dollars by losing the momentum of your campaigns at the pass off to sales?

In this week’s Technology for Business Success Minute, I touch base on how you can leverage the workflows and processes inherent in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to help maximize your marketing efforts while increasing your sales results:

Technology for Success – How do you know you are capitalizing on your marketing efforts? – Texas Business Radio from RREA Media on Vimeo.

As a firm, Rand Group helps clients improve their overall business performance through the effective use of technology. We can address the challenges you have in managing your pipeline, while simultaneously working to increase it. We can help you gather your requirements and select the right CRM solution for your business needs, and then work with you to ensure your user adoption leads to ultimate success.

To learn more about how CRM can help you better handle your leads, contact our team today.

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