Career Advancement Is a Must

It is not uncommon for a consultant to face underdevelopment at some point in their career. To prevent this, we offer personalized training benefits that will empower you to fast track your career. We interviewed Sarika Krishnan to get an understanding of how she has grown her 14-year career at Rand Group from Associate to Vice President.

Sarika started her career at Rand Group as a developer. After completing multiple projects, Sarika’s manager supported her interest in client-facing responsibilities. She was given the opportunity to work on a project as a functional consultant to learn the business processes and how to interact directly with clients. “It allowed me to learn other aspects of the project and eventually succeed in learning the complete project management cycle from start to finish. This provided numerous opportunities that helped me take the next step toward being a manager and managing projects. As soon as I feel like I have mastered all aspects of a certain position or role, I have been offered something new and completely different to what I have done before.”

Rand Group believes in advancement opportunities by way of mentorship, where you can be challenged and nurtured as a professional. “I would attribute my success here to having two great mentors throughout my career. Rand Group has taken the time to invest in my career. In other organizations, once a mid-level management position is reached, it is very difficult to move to upper management. However, at Rand Group, if someone shows the passion to achieve success in a specific role, there is an accelerated career path for them.”

Our company encourages you to advance your career and develops your leadership potential. Cross-functional exposure will keep you engaged, add to the breadth of your skill set, and position you for your next promotion. Rand Group also offers a variety of other benefits:

Compensation & Benefits

  • Objective and comprehensive bonus programs reward your contributions:
    • Production Bonus
    • Travel Bonus
    • Recruiting Referral Bonus
  • New Business Referral bonus
  • 100% company-paid major medical health benefits
  • 100% company-paid dental insurance, life insurance, long term disability, short term disability
  • 401k Plan with match

Work-Life Balance

  • Travel no more than 35%
  • Generous PTO + Bonus PTO at 5, 10 and 15 years of service
  • Annual charity match to a non-profit of your choice

Career Advancement

  • Performance evaluations twice a year
  • 80 hours of annual training
  • Personal Development Plan that is updated annually for career progression

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