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Managing Extended, Semi-Structured Processes with Business Process Automation

Structured, standardized processes are essential to the efficient operation of a company, and ERP systems are very good at supporting these types of processes. But many processes are really semi-structured (e.g., unstructured documents, judgement based rules, dynamic routings). These often extend outside the ERP to customers, suppliers, and the field.
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Business Process Management Insight

Using Business Process Management (BPM) to Create Value

Business Process Management (BPM) is the practice of designing, building, monitoring and optimizing processes using a Business Process Management System (BPMS). Companies use BPM to create value through: Operational Efficiency Many companies start by automating workflows like vendor onboarding, or proposal management. These typically involve multiple applications (e.g., ERP and
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Is Cloud Right for My Business?

As we enter the age of the mobile world, more and more organizations are asking themselves, is cloud right for my business? With the challenges facing organizations trying to implement a new system or solution – securing support, integrating legacy systems, paying large upfront implementation costs, etc. – it is
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