Click Here: The Key to Success in B2B Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most popular marketing tools used today. Quick and inexpensive, B2B email marketing has the potential for incredible control of your message, audience and branding. It gives organizations the opportunity to reach new and existing customers in a way not possible with classic marketing tools.

Many times, email marketing is the primary form of marketing a B2B organization pursues – but does it perform?

Email marketing takes about a quarter of a marketing department’s time, but the sad reality is that B2Bs have an open rate of roughly 24%, and a click through rate of only 2%.[i]  So should you abandon email marketing? NO! But there are tips that can make your B2B email marketing campaigns more effective.

  1. Content is key. Be a thought leader with a compelling topic; if you write it, they will come…
  2. Sharing is caring! Not only will quality content increase your click through rate, it also has a better shot at being shared on social networks. Include buttons for easy sharing at the end of your email.
  3. Less is more. Keep copy short and to the point, and make sure your best stuff is near the top.
  4. Draw them in with a short, intriguing subject line. Convey your superior knowledge in 55 characters or less to have a better chance at enticing readers to open your email.
  5. Scrub that data! Clean up your database and segment your lists – this will allow you to target and personalize your messages.
  6. Timing is everything, so hit them where it counts. Avoid first thing Monday morning – no one’s had their coffee yet, and they’re still mourning the loss of the weekend. Tuesday between 10 am and 1 pm is best, but tracking metrics will be your best insight into finding out what times work for your business.
  7. Don’t overload your audience! We’ve already established the abundance of messaging out there, so pick ONE point and stick to it. Having half a dozen call to actions (CTAs) will not make your message more effective; if anything, it will kill any potential your campaign has.
  8. STAND OUT! Make sure your CTA is impossible to miss and above the fold. Who has time to scroll?
  9. Optimize your message for mobiles. With 79 million US consumers checking their email on a mobile device, if you’re ignoring this segment of the population you’re missing out.
  10. Test it! Try A/B testing to find out what kinds of layouts create conversions. Every business is different; best practices in one industry won’t always work in another, so always test.

Got all that? The biggest takeaway: people are completely overwhelmed in today’s content driven society. If you want to stand out keep it simple, compelling, and make your call to action so obvious that it would be seen from space. And if in doubt, test your options.

Now what are you waiting for? Scrub those lists and get your click through rate up!

[i] B2B Marketing’s Email Benchmarking Report

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