Deeper Integration in the New Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

This spring, Microsoft released Dynamics NAV 2018 which takes a big step towards deeper integration with other Microsoft cloud products including Dynamics 365, Office 365, Power BI and several third-party applications which are now seamlessly interfaced, allowing your business to function in the same homogeneous environment. NAV 2018 is fully extensible, enabling clients to customize their current Dynamics NAV solution to fulfill all their business needs.

The new version of NAV is very business friendly and allows a more comprehensive package that better integrates with your business flow. Dynamics NAV is a global enterprise management system that has always been known for its ease of customization and configurability. With a massive customer base around the world, Microsoft has continued to enhance the already flexible solution every year. Dynamics NAV 2018 takes this to the next level with a slew of enhanced features.

The new version offers several enhancements such as:

Improved Customization and Extensions:
Extensions capability is enhanced and made easier in NAV 2018. This allows custom applications development that improves usability and productivity.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence:
The new version supports Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms to allow cognitive services and high levels of automation.

Deeper Business Applications Integration:
NAV 2018 offers a deeper integration with Office 365 and other business applications. This allows the user to maintain a singular interface which is familiar across common applications.

Workspace Personalization:
Workspaces are now customizable on a per user basis to match their job function and personal preferences.

Microsoft Flow Interaction:
The interaction between NAV 2018 and Microsoft Flow enables workflow automation across multiple applications and services. This, in turn, helps improve productivity.

Report Preview:
Content can now be generated and previewed directly.

Power BI Reporting:
There is a high level of interaction with Power BI reporting. For example, when selecting a customer from the customer list, users can highlight specific visualization for business-essential information.

Pre-configured Excel Reports:
NAV 2018 incorporates pre-configured Excel reports. Users can easily open and review financial statements created in Excel.

User Tasks:
Users can now create new tasks as reminders. These can be prioritized and assigned to other users, allowing better collaboration.

Data Sharing with CRM Systems:
NAV 2018 and your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system now interact seamlessly with each other. This ensures synchronization of customer information across both systems.

Image Analyzer:
The Image Analyzer extension uses powerful image analytics to detect attributes in the images that you add to items and contact persons. For example, contact persons can detect a person’s gender or age. Additionally, color and type can be identified for items.

Are you a Current Dynamics NAV Customer Considering Upgrading to NAV 2018?

No matter what version you are running, Microsoft Dynamics NAV continues to be a flexible, adaptable ERP system that is well-equipped to meet the financial requirements of any organization. The new and enhanced features in NAV 2018 have the ability to transform the way you do business. Rand Group is a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner that offers NAV upgrade services with the support you need to optimize your investment. To learn more about this new version and discover your upgrade options, contact our team of specialists today.

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