Dynamics GP Workflow Options for Notifications

Dynamics GP Workflow Options for Notifications

Dynamics GP is a reliable ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses. For over 25 years, companies have been using this business management software to gain greater control over their financials, operations, and inventory. Workflow is an essential part of Dynamics GP that provides functionality to create workflows, or approval processes, for documents, records, or batches. While Workflow was previously offered outside of Dynamics GP and required setup in SharePoint and Business Portal, it has since been embedded within Dynamics GP starting with Dynamics 2013 R2. Workflow provides users with flexibility when it comes to notification management. This blog will outline Dynamics GP’s workflow options for approval notifications.

Setting up Workflows

Workflows are available for four modules in Dynamics GP:

  1. Financial
  2. Sales
  3. Purchasing
  4. Administration

Among the available workflows include GL Account Approval, Receivables Batch Approvals, Payables Batch Approval, Payables Transaction Approval, Purchase Order Approval, Requisition, Purchasing Invoice Approval, and Vendor Approval.

The workflows need to be configured to trigger the notifications for the documents or transactions you wish to have approved. Conditions are set for specific events that will trigger the notification workflows. While the condition options are limitless, it is important to set conditions so the workflows will function in the exact ways that you want them to.

Options on the workflow are specified to tell the system how you want the notifications to be handled. You can send notifications for completed actions for Submit, Resubmit, Approve, Task Complete, Reject, Delegate, Recall, Escalate, Edit, and Final Approve.

Other available workflow options include allowing the approver to delegate tasks, allowing the originator to be an approver, and setting an alternate final approver. You can also set a time limit for an approval to be completed and if the approver exceeds the time limit, a reminder notification can be sent or the task can be delegated to an alternative approver.

Taking Actions on Notifications

Once the workflow triggers the approval notification, an email will be sent to the approver with embedded links to the document alongside various response options. The user can click on the document to open it within Dynamics GP. Documents can also be externally attached to the notification email for non-GP users to review.

The Benefits of Notification Workflows

Setting up workflows to handle approval notifications provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Greater control
  • Reduced manual processes
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater accountability for assigned users
  • Improved communication and collaboration across the organization, including non-GP users
  • Improved compliance for audit processes
  • Reduced errors and re-work of incorrect postings

Workflow is a key part of Dynamics GP that provides users with flexible options when setting up approval notifications. While the options are extensive, it is easy to make mistakes if you are not familiar with structuring workflows. As workflow conditions combine SQL table relationships, it is important to understand how the fields and tables can be combined to avoid creating errors with the data. Rand Group is an experienced Dynamics GP partner that can assist with creating and customizing workflows that suit all levels of complexity when it comes to approval processes. We can also assist with training on how to use the processes to more effectively handle document approvals. Contact one of our Dynamics GP representatives today to find out more about optimizing your system.

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