Effective Backup and Recovery Solutions Can Save Your Reputation

Effective Backup and Recovery Solutions Can Save Your Reputation

In light of the recent systems failure at Delta Airlines, let this be a reminder that businesses of all sizes are at risk of serious financial losses and market reputation. To top things off, there are several critical components within the overall architecture of technology systems that are commonly overlooked.

While not all companies can afford to have redundant systems, companies of all sizes can leverage advances in technology to safeguard their business from a catastrophic failure. There are a lot of factors that weigh into the mix. In Delta’s case, it was power, in others, it’s cyber-attacks, malicious activity, equipment failure, human error, mother nature, or software glitches that can bring a company to its knees.

One hour of downtime is equivalent to:

  • $8,000 for a small company
  • $74,000 for a mid-size company
  • $700,000 for an enterprise

Have you examined your backup & disaster recovery strategy?
How long can you afford to be down?
How much data can you afford to lose?

If you need guidance with your backup & disaster recovery strategy, Rand Group maintains a team of experts to help you leverage cost-effective technology solutions to meet your business uptime requirements.

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Lorenzo Fife

Insight written by Lorenzo Fife

Director, Infrastructure Services at Rand Group

Lorenzo Fife has over 12 years’ experience helping organizations plan and manage their technology platforms to leverage them for success. He has helped several organizations grow exponentially through the application of better IT strategies, infrastructure planning, and performance optimization. He has also enabled companies to significantly reduce overall IT expenditures while improving management, end-user, and client side satisfaction.

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