Can Facebook Benefit Your B2B Organization?

Discover How to Excel at B2B Marketing on Facebook

Facebook has been a ground breaking social media site, and occupies a good deal of internet users’ time every day. Long ago adopted by B2C companies as a way of interacting with their consumers, it has allowed them unprecedented success. The question now posed is whether these same benefits can be transferred to B2B marketing on Facebook.

Some interesting facts about Facebook:

  • Over 500 million people had a Facebook account at the end of 2011.
  • More than half of users log in every day.
  • The average user has 130 friends.
  • Over 700 Billion minutes a month are spent on Facebook.
  • Over 250 million users interact with Facebook across 2 Million websites.
  • 71.2% of the U.S. web audience is on Facebook.
  • 750 million photos were uploaded to Facebook over New Year’s weekend.
  • 48% of young Americans said they find out about news through Facebook
  • 200 million people access Facebook via their mobile phone.

Facebook is being used by 1 in 13 people and that means that it’s being used by your target audience!

Facebook is an easy way to gain new clients, connect with existing customers, promote new products and market sales offers.

The key for B2B marketing on Facebook is value. Facebook allows you to create a compelling dialogue with users while communicating in a manner that isn’t possible through traditional promotional means.

Establish yourself as a resource: People can visit your website and learn about your business. Or they can check out your blog and find out about relevant industry developments and topics in the news. Adding this content to your Facebook page will establish your company as an industry expert and humanize your brand.

Engage with your audience: A Facebook page for your business is another way for you to interact with the people who are already buying and using your product or service. Your existing customers bring a breadth of knowledge about your products; their testimonials can also help to sway potential new customers in your favor.

Build relationships: Establish an easy rapport by encouraging and answering any questions your users have. Show them that your B2B business is there for the long haul by keeping customers satisfied and loyal to your brand. If a negative comment pops up, deal with it sincerely; understanding and addressing a problem goes a long way in stemming negative commentary.

Show your softer side: The stats on Facebook users are nothing if not compelling, and people are used to interacting with the site in a casual and informal manner. This is the time to let your brand personality shine through and create (or repurpose) fun and informative content for users.

Share the love: Facebook is built around the concept of sharing, and this concept remains firmly in place for B2Bs. Post interesting industry related videos, pictures or jokes; as your fans share this content your brand establishes meaningful connections with potential customers.

Show your talents: Post bios of your industry experts or staff members. Putting a face, or team, behind your brand increases trustworthiness and transparency.

Push the boundaries:  Why stop at just wall interactions when you can use the many applications that Facebook offers to diversify. Set up a promotions tab to endorse special offers and support lead generation, or use Facebook shopping to boost sales.

So is Facebook a valuable tool for B2Bs? Yes! It enables personalized interactions, a customized consumer approach and a casual forum for addressing common questions or problems. Set up your B2B Facebook page and capture some of the success that B2Cs have long benefited from; it’s there for the taking!

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