Are You Giving Your Clients a Reason to Stay Loyal?

Are You Giving Your Clients a Reason to Stay Loyal?

Client loyalty is a key part of your ongoing success, so the big question is – are you giving your customers a good reason to stay loyal?

Client loyalty comes in many forms, but at the end of the day most clients base their decision to continuing working with your organization on 2 things: attitude and emotion. The feeling they get when they work with you, the manner in which you handle challenges, and how everyone at your organization interacts with them in any given day all play a role. The bottom line is that every client wants to feel important to your business.

While most account executives can answer questions about their clients, such as who they are and what kind of business they are in, few can quickly identify why a certain client continues to do business with you. And that’s the crux of any client retention – if you know why your top clients stay you can identify why others don’t, and actively work to correct those areas by offering new clients the same treatment as your top clients get.

In this week’s Technology for Business Success Minute, I look deeper into client loyalty and identify ways in which you can use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to better increase yours.

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Managing your client relationships effectively is a key part of your ongoing business success. At Rand Group, we’re experts in identifying ways to leverage technology to reduce inefficiencies and increase results. Generating new client business is a time consuming and cash heavy exercise and we can help you ensure that every client is a client for life. If you want to talk more about how you can improve client satisfaction and retention through the use of today’s technology, I invite you to speak with me.

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