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Integration and Simplicity in the New Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

The new version of NAV is out and it’s a big one. So you might ask – what’s new in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017? Dynamics NAV is a global enterprise management that has always been known for its ease of customization and configurability. With a massive customer base around the world, Microsoft has continued to enhance the already flexible solution every year. But it’s safe to say that 2017 might be their most significant improvements yet.

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There are so many new features and enhancements available in NAV 2017 that they’ve been grouped into 3 main pillars so it’s easier to digest. The new version offers:

  1. Full integration within Office 365 and Power BI
  2. Core application enhancements
    Finance, Jobs, CRM, Items, and user experience
  3. Brand new capabilities
    E-everything, Cortana Intelligence, PowerApps & Microsoft Flow, and Extensions

We will go into detail on some of the big highlights in these three key areas to give you an idea of what Dynamics NAV can do.

Easily Manage Business Interactions Directly Within Outlook
NAV 2017 allows you to work seamlessly with Office 365, which means you can navigate between your Dynamics NAV data and your Office tools. This improved compatibility enables you to easily create customers, vendors, quotes, and invoices – all without leaving Outlook. You can even lay out your documents professionally in NAV with the improved Word integration. With 40% of a worker’s productive time lost when switching tasks and applications, this will have a huge impact on your day-to-day operations. Power BI advanced analytics are also now fully embedded in your Dynamics NAV solution. You can now create insightful charts and reports and share them within your Dynamics NAV 2017 Role Center.

With one login to your day, this integration between Office 365 and Power BI helps save time, increase data accuracy, improves both your employee’s communication and your customer’s experience, and it helps you make better decisions for your business across the board.

Efficient Setup and Configuration with Assisted Setup Wizard
With the improvements made to NAV 2017, you can now avoid unnecessary manual tasks with the assisted setup wizard that helps you import data, set up integration with Office 365, and enjoy a simplified setup experience with predefined data. You can now easily follow wizards to set up workflows for approvals, set the fiscal year, or set up US sales tax.

Data Analysis and Predictive Services with Cortana Intelligence
With machine learning algorithms embedded in NAV 2017, you can take advantage of the advanced analytics and forecasting tools now available at your fingertips. When one of your employees goes to create a Purchase Order, the system will now suggest buying another item that is low on inventory that can be purchased by that same vendor based on past trends. With Cortana Intelligence you get in-depth insight into your Sales and Inventory, helping you manage your stock, respond smarter to customers, and create replenishment requests for vendors.

Organize and Classify Your Items with Grid View
There have been huge efficiency improvements in how you search, view, and customize your items and products in NAV 2017. You can now perform advanced searches on your catalog and see your items in a fact box, on both the card and the list, to help manage and classify your items better. You can add items to sales and purchase documents easier by filtering your items based on attribute values. And you can also use categories to group items into a hierarchical structure, defining your own custom categories and assigning attributes to each category.

Modify Your NAV System Hassle-Free with Extensions
In terms of brand new capabilities, Dynamics NAV 2017 provides you the tools to modify your system without directly altering the source resources. This makes it easier to deploy, manage, and upgrade customizations or extensions. Unlike other versions, the ability to navigate through an install with only a few clicks and view extension information was not an easy feat. You can now install or uninstall extensions using the Extension Management page.

Is Dynamics NAV 2017 Worth the Upgrade?

Not matter what version you are running, Microsoft Dynamics NAV continues to be a scalable solution that meets the financial and operational requirements of an organization. It is quick to implement, easy to use, and has the power to support your business ambitions.

We think that these new and enhanced features have the ability to transform the way you do business. But before you upgrade, we suggest you learn more about the changes this new solution would have on your business. Contact the experts on our NAV team if you would like to learn more about any of the new features mentioned above or if you would like to hear about other features including the new CRM Role Center that shows your opportunities, pipeline and contacts or the PayPal integration that makes it easier for your customers to pay their invoices online.

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.

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