It’s What You Can’t See That Can Kill Your Business

Flying blind never saved a business or a CFO. That’s why people took notice when business technology started digging through data to reveal unforeseen patterns and trends. It gave leaders a perspective they never had before and better decision making support.

If you want to benefit from that kind of insight, it’s time to register for:

PERSPECTIVES 2016: Your Future with Microsoft Business Solutions
Tuesday, Oct. 20 in Dallas | Wednesday, Oct. 21 in Houston

Learn the latest about business analytics, business intelligence, and how it can transform the decisions you make.
• Explore data models
• Delve into master data
• Examine the correlation between investment and business impact
• PLUS – mobile BI dashboards on your tablet and phone

Don’t let the valuable data your systems are already collecting go to waste. Join us at Rand Group’s PERSPECTIVES 2016, and get more from what you already have.


– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.

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Ellen Terry

Insight written by Ellen Terry

Director, Business Intelligence at Rand Group

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