Join Our Team: Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

At Rand Group, one of our strongest values is quality. We believe in doing things the right way and ensuring our clients achieve lasting business success. We interviewed Jennifer McNamara, Director of Learning & Knowledge Management, to learn how Rand Group’s commitment to quality has shaped her career.

Jennifer started with Rand Group in 2008. Upon her first day of employment, Jennifer saw how well-organized Rand Group was, having a clear agenda laid out for her and adhering to high-quality standards of work. As she quickly progressed through the ranks from Associate, Senior Associate, to Manager, Senior Manager, and now Director, Rand Group’s passion for quality has continued to draw Jennifer to the company. She explains, “Rand Group sets the standard for quality. We are committed to providing superior service and this sets the standard for all of our client interactions.”

Jennifer sees this upholding of quality in every interaction Rand Group has with clients. She explains, “We take the time to do implementation assessments and health checks for our clients’ systems, setting us apart from other consulting companies that only focus on speed or cost. Rand Group sets up clients for business success with a commitment to quality, thoroughness, and professionalism.”

It can be frustrating when things are rushed or done the wrong way, especially if this leads to client dissatisfaction. At Rand Group, you’ll find an environment where quality and professionalism are valued at our very core. These are the reasons why we hold a client satisfaction rate of over 90%. Join a team that sets you up for success and take pride in your work. Rand Group also offers many other benefits:

Compensation & Benefits

  • Objective and comprehensive bonus programs reward your contributions:
    • Production Bonus
    • Travel Bonus
    • Recruiting Referral Bonus
  • New Business Referral bonus
  • 100% company-paid major medical health benefits
  • 100% company-paid dental insurance, life insurance, long term disability, short term disability
  • 401k Plan with match

Work-Life Balance

  • Travel no more than 35%
  • Generous PTO + Bonus PTO at 5, 10 and 15 years of service
  • Annual charity match to a non-profit of your choice

Career Advancement

  • Performance evaluations twice a year
  • 80 hours of annual training
  • Personal Development Plan that is updated annually for career progression

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.

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