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Does Your Website Need a Redesign?

First impressions matter. Especially when potential customers are visiting your website. Your prospective customers will start making assumptions about your organization at the first glance of your website. If you have an unappealing user interface, a slow load time, or poor navigation, they will likely immediately leave your website in search of what they are looking for (i.e your competition). If the content they see is not applicable to their business, then the same thing will happen.

Evaluate Your Current Website Performance

There are a lot of things that can influence a person’s mind when they arrive on your website. It can include anything from unclear content and confusing navigation, to unappealing colors and outdated imagery. What you need to remember is that all websites require continuous improvement in order to stay relevant. Try surfing through a competitors’ websites (or any website for that matter) to see if they have stagnant or updated content and images. All you need is a few minutes because old and obsolete graphics and content are easy to spot!

There are so many reasons to overhaul your website; some of them not so obvious, but are at the core of your website. The main reason, however, is that your website is not searchable or usable by your target audience because it is out-of-date. When dealing with day-to-day business activities and priorities, it is common for most businesses to put their website maintenance on the back burner. The trouble is, this has a negative impact on the success of your website. If you have archaic copy with only a phone number and no other means of action, your wasting your potential buyer’s time and effort. This is what we call a “brochure website” – which is considered a fossil in the current technological state. Sure, it may say what you do and where you are located but what value is it adding to your user’s experience? Is your website optimized so that when your buyer searches, you will be the first company to appear?

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The accessibility of the internet has turned sales and marketing on its head. By the time a buyer gets in contact with you, they already know everything about your company and the product or service you provide. They have done their preliminary research and are ready to move forward at a rapid pace – which is what websites should be designed to do now. A successful website offers an environment for your buyers to get educated and engage with your product and brand. So the question is, how would you grade your website in achieving this? We have put together a quick checklist to help identify if your website is in need of a redesign or maybe just an update.

Assess If Your Website Needs to be Redesigned or Not

This simple checklist is designed to help you evaluate your current website. These 15 questions are based on similar issues faced by previous clients we have worked with in the past. They range from user experience to general website functionality to help show you the big picture. Read the questions below and answer Yes or No and keep track of your responses.

Rand Group Website Redesign ChecklistYesNo
Are your current business goals and strategies consistent with your website?
Does your offline and online marketing complement each other?
Is your website constructed of CSS and XHTML, as well as HTML?
Have you eliminated all broken links and/or typos from your website?
Is your website easy to read with legible font sizes, colors, and style? (Also, have you done the color blind test?)
Is your website information and contact information up-to-date?
Is your website’s appearance clean and simple (i.e. not jumbled up with flashing images/graphics or overwhelming content)?
Does your website display properly in all the web browsers, specially the new ones (e.g. Apple’s Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome)?
Does your website have a low visitor bounce rate (i.e. visitors click to your website and do not leave immediately from the first landing page)?
Does your website rank on Google and other search engines?
Is your website updated regularly with blogs, news releases, newsletters, video demos/webinars and white papers?
Is your website mobile friendly?
Is your website easy to navigate (i.e.easy to get from one page to another with top and sidebar navigation, including breadcrumb navigation)?
Does your website generate PPC leads with capturing mechanism to collect emails, like a form?

So how did you rank? If you were surprised by any of these questions and answered “No” to more than 5 questions, then you make a good candidate for a website redesign. If you’re still not convinced, read the whitepaper below to find out if you are making some common website mistakes.

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Know When to Start Over

Once you are aware that your website requires a redesign, you need to do your homework. There are many digital marketing agencies and web design companies that offer expert solutions, but not all website architects and designers are worth their price. Before you get inundated with fancy proposals and designs, you need to identify the gaps in your current website and decide what you want your new website to achieve. Do you want to generate more leads? Do you want to increase conversions? Do you simply need an outsourcing agency to manage your PPC and content marketing strategy?

Although we highly recommend you consider a redesign, it is not always the right time. There are simple solutions that can make a big impact at a fraction of the cost; like adding conversion forms, contact forms and other interactive elements that will allow you to collect leads. These little updates will save time and get you moving forward until you are ready for a complete redesign. These subtle changes should not take the place of a much needed website redesign, but will get you headed in the right direction until you have allocated the funds needed for a complete overhaul of your online presence.

Choose the Right Digital Marketing Partner

The best digital marketing agencies to partner with are the companies who take the time to understand your needs before making blanket recommendations about what your website should look like. At Rand Group, we have a team of marketing professionals who live and breath websites and buying behavior everyday. We know when and how to leverage the digital experience for optimal lead generation, customer acquisition and retention, employee satisfaction and business advancement. See where you are and where you need to go with a free Sales & Marketing Audit today.

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.

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