LinkedIn Ads Best Practices: Increasing CTR 47% with Rich Media

Here are some instructions and tips and tricks for successful LinkedIn ads utilizing Rich Media Sponsored Updates. At Rand Group we were able to utilize this ad type to turn what was an average ad for us into a CTR machine seeing upwards of a 40% gain in CTR.

Step 1 – Setting up the Rich Media Image

Navigate to the LinkedIn Campaign manager and once there you will click the “Create new sponsored content” link as if it were a normal Sponsored Update. Now what makes the difference is that the FIRST thing we do is going to be uploading our larger image. Do not enter text into any of the fields prior to this even. For the image there are specifications that work best:

• The image will have a 1.91 width to height ratio.
• An image size of 1200x627px is the standard but we’ve also been told and had success with 764×400. Which can be useful if you’re cropping a part of an image that isn’t very big to begin with and don’t want to jeopardize the quality.

Step 2 – Adding Your Ad Copy

The next step is adding ad copy. There will only be one text box (known as introduction text) to use and it has a max of 700 characters including spaces. Using all 700 characters would be excessive. Our ad copy is typically less than 200 characters and address a relevant pain point(s) and/or ask a question(s).

Step 3 – Properly Adding Your Link

Now where does the link go? Great question. It’s important to add the link at the end of the introduction text as that is where people will be taken if they click the image. If you do not place a link there then the image will only open up bigger as a visual. It’s also highly recommended to use a URL shortener such as (

Note that when previewing your ad, LinkedIn will display the click through URL as the image still but that is an error with LinkedIn’s interface not knowing if the content being created is Organic Rich Media or Sponsored Rich Media. It will also display with a small image that doesn’t accurately represent the Rich Media format.

Ad preview example:

LinkedIn Ad Optimization Rich Media Creation


We’ve been told directly by LinkedIn about this and it’s also documented in their ad specifications:

LinkedIn Ad Best Practices Rich Media Format


Sample end result:

LinkedIn Sponsored Media Rich Media Optimization Ad Example


That’s it! If you have further questions feel free to inquire. And for those of you asking “do LinkedIn ads work?” Yes, yes they do. They can be a great option for online B2B marketing and recruiting thanks to the user base of LinkedIn and the respective data there is for targeting.

LinkedIn’s ad specifications for reference:

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.

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Insight written by Ryan McArthur

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