Real World Materials Management with Process Automation

Our client, Crowley Maritime, is a diversified global maritime company with over $2 Billion in Revenues and 6,000 employees. One of Crowley’s subsidiaries, Ardent, provides emergency response and salvage services. They needed a way to manage materials as project teams descend on a site, assess damage, and begin salvage and recovery operations. The teams know what they need and when they need it, but detailed material specifications, cost, supplier sourcing, and logistics have to be refined later by procurement and administration. Restated: they needed a process that works for the people in the field, and takes care of the ERP nitty gritty for them. And they needed visibility into this process end-to-end. They needed the process managed.

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Rand Group created workflows and forms (both mobile and SharePoint based forms), using the K2 Appit platform, so that project teams can quickly create a request describing the material they need. The process was built to only require the description and date needed, in order to expedite requests and reduce the burden on salvage crew members. However, options for additional data were enabled to allow for a more complete process when time permits. Team members can attach documents, pictures, and links to sites, or any other information to help procurement define and source the material.

The request is then refined through a series of routings (some based on pre-defined destinations, some on dynamic destinations, and some based on judgement) until it is sourced, costed, approved and on its way. The K2 Appit platform provides the mature workflow capabilities that are needed in critical processes like this (e.g., escalation, reassignment, intelligent and dynamic routing). Process metrics are available in reports, or Excel so people can use pivot tables to search and filter requests, monitor workflow, and estimate expenditures well before they hit the ERP.

Materials Management

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*image courtesy of Ardent Global

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