Dynamics GP 2013 R2 – Top 5 New Features

We’re just passed the two month mark for the release of Dynamics GP 2013 R2, which happened on May 28, 2014. The previous two updates to GP 2013 came in the form of service packs during 2013, with Service Pack 1 (SP1) in May and Service Pack 2 (SP2) in September respectively.

Why not another SP for this release? The main reason is the size of this update, over 100 new features and major changes. Crowd pleasers include new printing and email capabilities, to online backups via Microsoft Azure.

Having worked with GP 2013 R2 for two months now I wanted to share with you what I’m most excited about.

These are my ‘Top 5’ favorite new features in GP 2013 R2:

  1. Dashboards:
    In the Reporting Tools Setup window, four new dashboards will now be deployed at the same time as the other Excel Reports.

    The new dashboards for the Financial, Sales, Purchasing and Inventory series will be in their respective folders with the other reports.These refreshable reports can deployed to a shared network drive, SharePoint or SharePoint Online.

  2. Document Attach – Scan:
    The Scan feature allows you to attach a paper document directly into Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 using an attached scanner. Attaching paper documents with your scanner was a 2-step process before. You first needed to scan the document to get a soft copy onto your computer, then go to the Document Attachment Management window of your choice and attach it.

    Now, just load the document into the scanner and choose the Scan button on the Document Attachment Management window of your choice, and the document will be scanned and attached in one step.

  3. Requisitions:
    In Dynamics GP2013 R2 Purchase Requisitions lets a user enter a requisition. The requisition ties in with Purchase Order Processing functionality and is workflow enabled. It’s new and redesigned so don’t think Business Portal.

    Navigation is streamlined for the requester to see a requisition status or enter a requisition. And because it’s part of Microsoft Dynamics GP, the requisition can be routed through a workflow process you create using new workflow functionality. You will only see requisitions you enter.

    Purchase Requisition is unique because less information is required for data entry: requisition number, date and item description. You can order items from inventory or non-inventory and attach documents to the requisition to send to the purchasing agent.

  4. Workflow:
    Microsoft Dynamics GP now has a new workflow system. This is fantastic because now it will be easier to deploy, easier to access, and easier to customize.The workflow design experience is now in a Microsoft Dynamics GP window, replacing the prior Workflow system, and removing the dependency on SharePoint.

    This system allows users to design workflows, such as approval paths, for documents in Dynamics GP.In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2, four workflow types will be available for use in the new system: Purchase Order Approval, Purchase Requisition Approval, Payroll Timecard Approval, and Project Timesheet Approval. Other workflow types will be available in future releases.

  5. Copy and Paste to General Ledger Journal Entry:
    You can copy journal entries from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and paste the entries in the Transaction Entry window.

Have you had a chance upgrade to Dynamics GP 2013 R2 yet? If you have a favorite new feature or major change you’re similarly excited about, let us know about it in the comments.

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