Website Not Mobile-Friendly? Chances are, Your Competitors are Stealing Your Traffic

57% of people will not recommend a company with a poorly designed mobile website. And 40% have gone to a competitor’s website after a poor mobile experience says Google. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. That’s assuming users can even find your website. Have you checked your mobile search results since April 21st?

For those of you who aren’t familiar, back in March, Google sent out an ominous warning about a major upcoming change. Millions of search engine results pages (SERPs) were going to be at risk as war was staged against a plaguing epidemic. We’ve all gone to a website and instantly cringed or been struck by frustration. Non mobile-friendly websites had lived out their welcome.

Leading up to the “Mobilegeddon” update, our friends at Moz did some sleuthing to tell us 66% of first page results were already mobile-friendly as of April 8th. By April 21st it was evident the warning had been taken seriously as 70% of page one results were mobile-friendly. Shortly after the update we saw that rise to over 72%.

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The usage of mobile devices has never been higher. According to comScore, nearly one third of all searches stem from smartphones and tablets in the United States. Globally, Google has stated it expects this is the year that mobile surpasses that of the personal computer for total search volume. Google has to adapt to its dynamic demographic, which is why SEO should be a continuous engagement. Mobile searchers want high quality and relevant results with readable text that doesn’t require zooming, from a lightweight webpage. Google is delivering.

You may have noticed Google has actually begun labeling search results as mobile-friendly when the query comes from a mobile device. Your potential traffic might never even make it to your page now. Though if you’re not optimized, Google might be doing you and the searcher a favor. As being non mobile-friendly can give the user a negative connotation of your company. Take a look at this mobile search for New York Restaurants.

Mobile-Friendly Search Results

How can you find out if your website is mobile-friendly to the eyes that matter? It’s easy. Google is providing a simple tool that will tell you almost immediately whether or not your website makes the cut. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Rand Group's Mobile-Friendly Results

We made it! Didn’t do so well? Check out Google’s Mobile Guide.

Anyway, let’s not stop there. Simply being mobile friendly is only half the battle. Your mobile design needs to perform.

Google PageSpeed Insights

You can use this tool to see how your website grades out of 100. Aim for a score above 70. If you aren’t quite up to par there will be plenty of great solutions mentioned with their respective issues.

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