NetSuite Enhances Suitesuccess Editions

NetSuite Enhances SuiteSuccess Editions

SuiteSuccess is a way to get your organization up and running on NetSuite faster than ever. SuiteSuccess includes industry specific bundles which includes pre-defined roles, dedicated process flows and KPIs, turnkey setup, and over 250 prebuilt reports and dashboards based on leading practices in your specific industry. NetSuite recently announced some additions and enhancements to the SuiteSuccess line of products. All changes are effective July 15, 2020.

New SuiteSuccess Editions

NetSuite offers SuiteSuccess Vertical Editions tailored to a number of different industries. NetSuite has announced several new Vertical Editions:

  • Resource Allocation and Job Costing – Resource Allocation and Job Costing were previously only available as add-ons. A new Resource Allocation and Job Costing SuiteSuccess edition is now available to enable organizations that require job costing to take advantage of SuiteSuccess and more rapidly implement NetSuite.
  • Procurement – This new edition takes the advanced procurement functionality of NetSuite and combines it with the pre-configuration of SuiteSuccess to provide an excellent solution for wholesale distributors, manufacturers and retailers with supplier relationships, source-to-pay processes, and related procurement spend needs.
  • Bronto – Bronto is an industry-leading email marketing platform that integrates with NetSuite. Bronto was previously available as an add-on to NetSuite but is now also available as a SuiteSuccess Edition to help companies go live with Bronto quicker. Bronto add-on components such as coupon manager, pop up manager, previewer, cart recovery, browse recovery, and web recommendations are now included. Additionally, the consolidated platform pricing has been dramatically reduced.

SuiteSuccess Vertical Editions Updated to Latest Release

All of the SuiteSuccess vertical editions have been enhanced and refreshed to include the latest product features from the 2020.1 release of NetSuite. The most notable feature of the 2020.1 release is the Financials Workbook SuiteApp that has been added to all editions. You can read more about the new SuiteAnalytics Workbook here and an overview of the top 7 new features of the 2020.1 release here. The following additions have been made to the various editions effective July 15, 2020:

  • Advertising & Digital Marketing Agencies
    • Financials Workbook SuiteApp
  • Apparel, Footwear, & Accessories
    • Financial Workbooks SuiteApp
    • Financials First
    • SuiteAnalytics Workbooks
  • Food & Beverage
    • SuiteAnalytics Workbooks
  • Health & Beauty
    • Financial Workbooks SuiteApp
    • Vendor Prepayments
    • Supply Chain Control Tower
    • AR and AP Analysts Roles
  • Manufacturing
    • Financial Workbooks SuiteApp
  • Media
    • Financial Workbooks SuiteApp
  • Publishing
    • Financial Workbooks SuiteApp
  • Retail
    • Financial Workbooks SuiteApp
    • Vendor Prepayments
  • Restaurant & Hospitality
    • Financial Workbooks SuiteApp
    • Vendor Prepayments
    • Shelf to Sheet SuiteApp
    • AvT Reporting
    • PMIX Report
  • Services
    • Financial Workbooks SuiteApp
    • SuiteApprovals PRM
  • Social Impact
    • Nonprofit Financial Reports
    • Constituent Relationship Management
  • Software
    • Financial Workbooks SuiteApp
  • Wholesale Distribution
    • Financial Workbooks SuiteApp
    • Bill of Lading PSG (PRM)

Advanced Electronic Bank Payments

In addition to the updates made for the 2020.1 product features, the Advanced Electronic Bank Payments (AEBP) module has been added to the Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution SuiteSuccess Editions. The Advanced Electronic Bank Payment module includes all of the features of the basic bank payment module with the following additional features: worldwide format support, custom template support, multi-currency processing, automated payment batch creation, and more.

NetSuite Advance Electronic Bank Payments

Discover How SuiteSuccess Can Benefit You

If you are interested in implementing NetSuite, SuiteSuccess is an excellent option to get your organization up and running in less time with a lower cost without sacrificing the features and functionality you need to successfully run your organization. Contact Rand Group today to find out how SuiteSuccess combined with Rand Group’s innovative GoSuite methodology can help your organization succeed.

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