New Features in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3: Sales & Customer Service


There have been a number of changes and improvements in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 to how sales orders and customer service are delivered.

From the Sales Order entry screen, the Customer Service Representative (CSR) can use the new Customer Service form. This form allows CSRs a quick way to access and update customer information, sales history, and create new sales orders.

Upon entry of a new sales order, some key new features stand out to help the CSR complete the transaction in a timely manner, retain integrity of the order, and enhance payment options.

These improvements and new features include:

  • Quick Customer Lookup
  • Quick Product Lookup
  • Sales Order Line Creation
  • Scripts for Up-sells and Cross-sells
  • Separation of Duty
  • Payments


Quick Customer Lookup

A user can now lookup a customer by user specified keywords or by additional predetermined fields such as phone number, email address, sales order number, or invoice number.

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Quick Product Lookup and Sales Order Line Creation

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 you can now type a partial entry of the product name or keywords related to the product in the item number field and a filtered screen will appear with all products matching that description. From the filter screen the user can specify the quantity that the customer would like to order, choose apply or create, and the sales line will be automatically created.

Scripts for Up-sells and Cross-sells

Up-sell and cross-sell products can be either tied directly to a product, or be tied to a product only when associated with a particular catalog. Up-sells and cross-sells can be accompanied by scripts for CSRs to read from. These scripts can maximize your revenues by using tried and true up-sell and cross-sell tactics.

Separation of Duty

The added features for the sales order entry include the ability to put multiple holds on a sales order, and detect fraud based on user defined rules that automatically put an order on hold. As well, a final submit button is used to complete the order. The submit button can be security controlled to ensure that a supervisor reviews an order before they are processed.



Additional features around payments have been added in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 to better serve direct sales customers. Microsoft has added the ability to assign multiple payments to a single order. Microsoft has also added the ability to allow for installment payments. Finally, the new recurring payment option can be used with the new continuity (subscriptions) feature.

A one hour overview presentation on these topics can be watched here.

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