Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Landing Pages that Drive Conversions

Now that you have mastered getting your audience to your landing page, how do you drive conversions to capture the personal information your marketing and sales team covet? The first step to PPC conversion happens before the suspect reaches the page.

1. Don’t Make Empty Promises

While 130 characters may not seem like enough space to explain your business, product(s) and services…you can make big promises in those 3 short lines. Don’t make any promises you can’t keep! Stuffing your pay-per-click ads full of high ranking keywords that do not correlate to your landing page will only increase your bounce rate and ad spend. Make each word in your ad count. Translate the value of your business from your ad through your landing page and beyond.

2. What Do You Bring to the Table

What do you do? Why should I give you my business? What makes you better than your competitors? These are the questions that should be answered succinctly on each and every landing page. This will also require testing and proving your headline, design, content and formatting draw the reader’s eye through the page to your value propositions. If your average time on page is below 2 seconds, reconsider how well you are explaining your value to prospective clients.

3. Ask for the Business

Sadly, this simple and intuitive action, “ask for the order”, is commonly overlooked. This requires a distinct and straightforward call-to-action, which can range from: download our whitepaper to request a quote or ask an expert to request a call back. The call-to-action can be asked in various way, but the important thing is that it is asked (a BIG RED ACTION button doesn’t hurt either – we’ve tested it and improved conversion rates by 0.5%).



Driving your click-through-rate is only the first step in a series of steps that must happen to make pay-per-click advertising a rewarding prospecting source for your business. If you can’t convert the suspects once they reach your landing page, you are only spending money to help increase Google’s stock prices.
Keeping promises, explaining your value and asking for the business are just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are a few other resources that can help you optimize your landing pages to drive conversions:


Share your successes or challenges with PPC landing page conversions with us in the comments section!

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