Selecting the Right Colors

How important is choosing the right color palette for your company image?

This choice can have endless repercussions on your business. You want to send a positive message about yourself in your respective industry. Colors like blue and black may be great in sales, but in other arenas it can be downright depressing.

Color is a large part of your corporate presence and the image you convey to prospects, customers, investors and competitors.

The average business person is more concerned with the color of money rather than the color of their logo.  However, corporate colors and trends have come a long way in recent years and play a large role in how you create your branding and marketing.

The Meaning Behind Colors in Business

White: Pure, Clean and Youthful

Black: Power, Elegant and Secretive

Red: Passion, Excitement and Danger

Orange: Vibrant, Energetic and Playful

Yellow: Happy, Warm and Plentiful

Green: Natural, Healthy and Calming

Purple: Royalty, Wise and Celebration

Blue: Loyal, Peaceful and Trustworthy

Blue is the most neutral and global color.

These colors are widely used in marketing materials from corporate identities to business cards and brochures to websites. Consider your current logo and brand images, are they conveying the message you intended to your audience?

Color Selection Steps

Here are some basic steps to follow when selecting colors for branding and marketing:

Step 1: Determine the message you want to convey – strong and aggressive (e.g. black, red) or calm and trustworthy (e.g. green, blue).

Step 2: Utilize complementary colors throughout your marketing material, keeping the color schemes and messaging consistent throughout.

Step 3: Test the colors you choose on business cards before adopting them to your entire brand, to ensure you are comfortable with the new look and message it conveys.

Color Trends

There are many resources to utilize when choosing your colors and color palettes. Color schemes that made sense 10-15 years ago, now look a bit outdated. The Colourlovers website can help you choose and update your colors with the latest color trends for business and non-business markets.

Welcome to the New World of Color

There is a lot of science beyond colors, from how they are made (primary vs. secondary colors), to how they affect moods and emotions. Color can also mean different things to different cultures, companies and audiences.

Do Your Research

Hence, it is important to do your research; for the markets you are in and the cultures you serve. The University of Loyola, Maryland has proven that color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent.

Choose Carefully

Colors have meaning whether you’re a small start-up or a Fortune 500 company. Choose wisely and evaluate the landscape. What direction you want to go and what message do you want to convey?  And of course, know your audience.

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