Spark Business Growth with NetSuite’s Integrated Cloud Platform

Process automation, data consolidation, real-time decision making – these are some of the core reasons why business owners rely on enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to manage their operations. From financials and customer service to supply chain and procurement, the most successful companies choose to eradicate disconnected systems in favor of a software solution built on a single platform.

The latest segment in our regular Technology for Business Success series on Texas Business Radio highlights one of those products: NetSuite, the original cloud-based business management platform. In the video below, we talk about why NetSuite is an affordable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for small, midmarket businesses looking for a scalable alternative to accounting software.

Your takeaway is learning what NetSuite offers in terms of savings and opportunity in infrastructure, database storage and overall process efficiencies. You’ll also find out why it has thrived in the Internet Commerce world we live in today.

NetSuite is a unified business management system that provides financial accounting, ERP, customer management, and eCommerce – all in one application. For more information on what cloud means for your business, watch the first segment of this series: Cloud and Your Business.

For more information about NetSuite and what cloud option is right for your business model and goals, contact our highly skilled NetSuite team.

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